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General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Song routing ?
November 07, 2010, 09:03:06 PM
Will be fixed in next OS update.
No question mark means no changes means nothing to save.
If SAVE on the PREF page is Off you can't save so the question mark remains.

2 exceptions, hihat calibration and the save function itself are always saved so no question mark appears and you don't have to press SAVE on the MIX page.

The SAVE On/Off function should not lock out itself.

The hihat calibration is a necessary setup step (as well in a shop for demo) and it would be bothersome to have to enable SAVE, calibrate and then dsiable SAVE again. (Especially when forgetting the last step in shop demo.)

Unfortunately it's the latest batch of sdhc cards.
I have been able to detect the problem after many hours playing the same sound. The unit freezes because the sd card doesn't respond anymore. The sond file I tested even got bit errors. Of course it can happen during other circumstances as well.
If you are ok to use some simple tools, we send you another (reliable) brand sd card and you can replace it yourself, no soldering needed.
Otherwise send it back to your distributor and they will replace it.
I really apologize for this. First it took me weeks to make a fix for a processor bug (the boot 1.10 problem) and now it's bad sd cards, sigh...
Your wish is my command.
Only problem... there's just one of me.

Your ideas are being noted.

Do NOT install boot 1.30 if you already have boot 1.32 !!!

The freeze problem seems to be caused by the latest batch of internal Flash cards.
I'll keep you posted.

Boot 1.32 has only an internal fix for a new processor revision.
It's backward compatible with the first generation processors but doesn't add any extra functionality.
All systems delivered previously with 1.10 should be updated to boot 1.30.
The new processor revision has never been delivered with boot 1.10, so no need to upgrade.

What causes the freeze, it's still under investigation.

Hi again. One more thing.
Boot version 1.10 had Flash write problems caused by a processor bug, so please check that you have boot version 1.30 or later.
If you still have 1.10, there's a boot updater here

 :rock:Hi. We are currently looking into these problems.
Can everybody who have had this freezing problem tell me (on this thread) if they had written new files to the drumit over USB or moved files around, in short, anything which results in data being written to the Flash memory (you see the W indictor on the display in USB mode).
Also, can you please run a disk check on the drumit. For those with windows, one can run a command prompt and write
chkdsk e:
in case the drumit would appear as drive e for example.
If you have a freezing problem, I would like to know what chkdsk reports.
Finally, if you find any specific sound file which makes the system freeze, can you upload it from the drumit, zip it and send it to
Thank you.
e-drum DIY / modifications / Re: 16GB SDHC Memory Card
October 10, 2010, 03:04:12 PM
Hi guys.
It's human isn't, to try things beyond what it is intended for...
So here it is. The boot program which handles the USB transfer is currently limited to 4 GB cards. Besides that, there are very (!) specific conditions the SD card has to conform to regarding speed and access times. So experiments with other cards are entirely at your own risk (and void waranty).
Also I keep reading these posts and all good ideas are noted for future use.
Sure, there's still room for improvement. But I do hope you enjoy OS 1.10. Sometimes I feel it's a Fata Morgana to satisfy you all. I'm just the electronics and software guy, and I can't satisfy everyone I'm afraid.

Have a good summer,

Hi guys.

Your wishes are noticed, and some are in the pipeline.
Some notes:
- Tap tempo is there. You tap the button above PLAY in KIT-PROG mode (if the metronome is selected).
- Cymbal trig, see my other post on OS 1.10 thread.
- Retrigger prevention. Just a dead time is not very nice. However, there's a new Kick trigger type (Kick2) with adjusted response. Also, the cymbal trig types have a built in filter to suppress trigs coming thru the rack stand.
- Pos sensing on the current pads is not possible since the sensor is not in the middle. Future rubber heads might have this feature.
- MP3 is on my list too, however, it's tight in there with playing drum voices, so we'll see.
- Sound layering (as opposed to selecting which layer to play, see KIT-ENV
page). There's no "room" for this now. Maybe I could fix a feature so one could trig the snare/tom sounds together with the respective percussion sound (MORE+SNARE/TOM). How about it?
- Metronome can count in 1 or 2 bars and then stop (KIT-COMP-BARS).
- Brushes not on the list.
- No USB 2.0 since the processor USB hardware is 1.1. (And yes I know, even the cheapest MP3 player in a bag of cereals has USB 2.0, but they don't play 15 channels (and many more voices) of drum sounds).
- I'm looking into a util to convert ddrum .mid files to .dsnd.

And there's more. Please keep giving feedback, it is appreciated.


General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: OS v1.10
July 12, 2010, 10:01:18 AM
The Dutch football team didn't make it, however your very own Dutch DrumIt developer struggles on...

About the cymbal zone issue, I know it's a compromise. But with the cymbals as they are, it's the best thing. Please set the gain so hard bow hits always trigger zone 3 (very likely the gain will be down to 0 for this). If the gain is too high, hard bow hits might trigger zone 1 (cup). Unfortunately soft(er) cup hits result in relatively hard bow triggers since the resulting signal looks the same.

The original idea was to discriminate the 2 zones by signal waveform comparison, however, the cymbals don't produce a consistent signal for this. So that's why it's now done based on signal strength (which is around 12 dB higher on the cup, the resulting trig signal is of course compensated for this).


Actually the system has 15 independent channels.
With the std configuration, it has 1 cymbal en 1 tom (head and rim) available.
That is 3 additional trig channels which can be set on any MIDI channel and any note you want.


The .dsnd format can contain 16 types assigned to any zone, and each type can have upto 128 layers.
For the hihat there is a special assignment for the open to closed types.
The first type on zone X is the open sound, then on consecutive (!) types on the same zone X (!) the "in between open and closed" sounds should be mapped, with the completely closed sound on the last type with zone X. The DrumIt OS automatically reads the amount of open to closed types when the sound is loaded.

I just mention this to avoid confusion on the capabilities of the system. The 2box editor doesn't support different zones yet, but I can't make any statements abour any non-official editor.

OS 1.10 will have new cymbal trig as well.

Unfortunately the current cymbal trig system didn't prove reliable enough.
So now the cup zone will now be detected by the fact that it has a much higher signal level (since it's right on top of the piezo). When the trig gain is at minimum (0), medium to hard hits on the the cup will trigger the cup zone, any hit on the bow will trigger the bow zone.

However, weak hits on the cup will be interpreted as relatively hard bow hits because the physical trig signal will be at the top of the bow range. The other way around should not happen since hard hits on the bow should not reach the lower end of the cup range.

I know that this is less than ideal, but I figured it's better to have a consistent bow behaviour.