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Messages - Deve Loper

Hi. Glad you solved it.
A 1 day response wasnt quick enough :-) You sure were eager to fix it.

Its these

The last one as original, 24 steps.
If you like "slower" kit / sound select, use the first, 12 steps.


Ps. I checked on the pec12 pdf, I dont have the original bom at hand, but im pretty sure.
Hi Morillo.
I pm'd you.
See your inbox.
Cheers, Deve.
Hi Morillo.
"Maybe I should look for original MK1 first model hardware (orange/black) but I think it will be almost impossible."

I have one for sale. But shipping Stockholm to Italy, dont know how much. At least its within EU.
Pm me if interested.
Set a piezo type trigger for the rim. Select snare rim chan, press and hold MORE, go to UNIT TRIG and set a piezo type.
I dont know DI3 really, but something like that.
Compare with how you have the tom trigs set up.
Best, Deve.
Hi. Check the snare trigger settings. You need a piezo type on the rim. Compare with what you have for the toms.
drumit foot midi is note on when down (vel on how fast down), note off when up.
Short time in between (some modules might send note on and off very quickly) is foot splash, long time foot chick.

Similar to real hat, when the plates meet, decay starts. The hat doesnt "know" when it opens again, so foot down is same for chick and splash, until it opens again and the decay is taken away.
No aft touch used. Choke is the 4th note from the base note.
I did this to allow to play from a keyboard. They seldom have poly aft touch.

Hihat via midi does not need calibration. Its 3 notes, bow, edge, foot, and cc4. (Mod wheel.)

Zaba, Deve.
Maybe the signal of the kick is too low (regardless split). Bigger piezo, other way of attachment?

Then, it might be too hi imoedance so it is sensitive to signals from others. Allthough a normal split cable will only have the common trs as possible xtalk point.

Sure your splut cable is ok?
You tested other tom inputs with same split settings?

Parallel resistor, each end over the piezos ends. Maybe 10 k?

Bedt, Rik.
Nice snare. And not a bad idea to put rim piezo in the middle, at least if it gets its feed from a spider like gizmo which gets its vibration signals from all around the edge.

About split tom4, maybe there is too much xtalk. Try putting a parallel resistor over the kick piezo (via ring of trs?) to reduce its sensitivity for fl tom hits on the main (tip of trs) signal.

Greetz, Deve.

CC only needed just before a note on. Eg, hit at open and slowly closing doesnt do anything until hihat closed, cc pedal zone, note on, vel 1.

From the manual.

MIDI parameyer selects between continuous controller 1 or 4. The CC value range can be set from 0 when open to 127 when closed (arrow down) or from 0 when closed to 127 when open (arrow up). Normally MIDI pedal data is only sent just before a note on, selections with a ! indicate that pedal changes are sent continuously.

Pedal down (chick or splash) transmits control change and note on, the corresponding note off is send when the pedal moves up again. A short time between down and up results in a foot splash, a longer time results in a foot chick because a quick sound decay sets in when the pedal comes down, and is removed when the pedal moves up again. So a short time in between keeps most of the sound, while a long time will quiet the sound down.
Mk2 rack was long time ago, much later mk2 module, indeed conf.

Maybe rol pdx12, head pz towards near edge and rim pz. Could work nicely.
By mk2 you mean the rack/pad setup?
But still the original drumit5 mk1 module, hyper-ellipse alu housing w black top?
It does not have pos sensing.
Pad w center piezo will most likely give hotspot.
Rim should be piezo too.
Best, Deve.

Hi Dens.
Great you got it working.
Just note the midi out diagram is not really right, see here

Hi Denis.
Yes, note on and off quickly will do a splash. You could filter out noye off, but it will always be chick. So not sure about

"opens again even if it never receives a note off".

Maybe the cc4 does that, I am not sure exactly about the implementation, long time ago...

I will take these issues into account for the future..