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Topics - Deve Loper

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / White mesh heads
October 16, 2021, 01:10:09 PM
Hi. Not often I pose a question, but here goes.
I'd like to change my original black mesh (on the orange pad) to white.
Any suggestions? Single, dual, triple ply? What triggers best?  Brand?
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / DrumIt things
June 19, 2021, 09:11:28 AM
Hi all.
Now and then I read the posts about DrumIt. Partly happy to see people still like it, partly sad to see problems.
However, since I am not actively involved anymore since the original "mk1", I can not help out much.
Sometimes I have a hunch what the problem might be, but it's out of my hands. When I have a constructive idea, I will chime in.
Best regards, Deve.
The DDrum Legacy / ddrum4 eprom files
March 19, 2021, 10:02:02 AM

I answered on the ddrum forum, so why not here too...

Here are ddrum4 eprom images. See rel notes below.
Important! Check the Flash chip (8 of those) type on your dd4 hardware!


ddrum4 release: 1.50 for Intel Flash
date: 2001-11-20
checksum: 61aa (in AMD 27C040 EPROM)

- Audio level increased by 6 dB.
- Set main volume (active on all 6 outputs) in SYSTEM-OPT menu.
- Sends and receives MIDI main volume (ctrl 7).
- SDS variation 5 has mono mode trig.
- New palette, user and factory kits according to the Signature Edition sounds.
- The dynamics can be turned off, the trig level will always be at 75 %.
- In sound manager mode, one can select a whole sound group (hold SOUND while dialing).
  The total number of files in the group is shown. When any of these are
  marked (blinking), the number of marked files is shown.
- No more demo songs (new ones will be added later).

ddrum4 release: 1.54 for AMD Flash
date: 2003-07-10
checksum: ae9a (in AMD 27C040 EPROM)

- Adapted for AMD 29F080 Flash chip only. Use version 1.50 for Intel Flash.

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / OS 1.24
November 25, 2011, 12:46:27 PM

OS 1.24 released. The same as 1.22 but with a more accurate UNIT-TRIG-LEVEL indicator (the resolution is actually 0.1 dB). See,1120.msg10669.html#msg10669 for changes since OS 1.20.

Also a (PC only) utility to extract all 100 kits from a kit bank. Just drag'n'drop the kit bank on the program icon, type x, and it will extract all 100 kits to a new folder with the same name and at the same location as the kit bank file. Type w to create a text file with the sounds in all kits and a summary of all sounds used.

Use the Empty.dkit single kit file (or any of the extracted single kits from the kit bank) to extend the kit amount on your DrumIt Five.
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / OS 1.22
November 24, 2011, 01:23:52 PM

New OS 1.22 released. See download links below. You can use the same DrumIt.dkit and single kit files.

- A software change for a chip with a revised specification (it caused random triggering).
- Phones volume is increased by 6 dB, that's 4 times the power.
- Maximum of 8000 dsnd files, 800 wav files, 999 single kit files and 1000 folders. The file names can be upto 63 characters without the dot and extension, the combined folder name can be 127 characters incl all parent folders and separators.

Kit mode
- All single kits are shown with a large initial letter. Click the dial to select kits by initial, click again to select kit by kit. The kit programs have PR as initial and all single kits not starting with A-Z have ?.
- To stop all loops, hold STOP on the KIT-PROG page for 1/2 second.
- The KIT-ENV-SOUND parameter shows the loop values as Loop (continuous with start / stop) or Solo (one-shot with retrigger), either one with ! to indicate a fixed trigger level.
- The echo effect has some new parameter names (their function is the same), LEFT, RIGHT and TIME.

Unit mode
- The volumes of all channels and mixer (with horizontal faders) can be shown with the exact dB value. This is selected with the UNIT-PREF-VOL parameter, either Bar showing the volume with a bar graph only or Num showing it with a numerical dB value as well.
- Mixer with vertical faders shows the full fader names when selecting and adjusting the faders, not when changing pages.
- The volume level of the LEVEL knob is shown on the UNIT-OUT page. The OUT1.2 parameter is moved down.
- The trigger level on the UNIT-TRIG page shows the dB value as well. Press LEVEL to show the last 4 trigger events, press again to show the MIDI note and velocity.
- The trigger level of the hihat pedal and cymbal choke are also indicated on the UNIT-TRIG page. For the pedal between -48 and 0 dB and for the choke always -6 dB.
- The metronome is played with a fixed layer so the same type of accents sound the same each time.
- Editing the fader names is done with a single parameter UNIT-PREF-FAD. Turn to select the fader to be edited, click to select the first letter, turn to change the letter, etc.

Hi all.

OS 1.20 has been out now a little while and I like to take the opportunity to ask your opinions. I've already read (mostly good) feedback which I do appreciate. So please keep on commenting (preferably on this thread) and I'll keep an eye on it.

Also, did you think the OS 1.20 Update pdf was helpful? Of course it's great if improvements / changes are obvious without any explanation, but I recommend reading it to get the most out of it.



Wednesday the Frankfurt Music Messe will open. There we will show the new OS 1.20. I thought I give you a beta preview. Please download here:

Make sure you read the changes file first:

Also, please leave suggestions in this (!) thread. I've followed the wish list and I know there are lots of things left to do. More after the messe.



ps. Please note that at startup it will display 1.11, that's because it's not a full 1.20 yet.
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / From Deve Loper
December 25, 2009, 12:42:03 PM
Hello all forum people.

Now things are finally moving forward, I thought it was time to say hello. It's been a long time coming, but I hope you all enjoy (or will enjoy) our DrumIt Five drum system. I'm sure my colleague (who is currently on a well deserved holiday) would agree.

We started this project (my colleague doing the business side and drum hardware and myself doing the electronics and software) to make a very competitive drum system with a new look and feel plus a drum module with a unique open sound architecture. Although there have been many hurdles on the way (and it took longer than anticipated), I hope you all appreciate the result. I've followed the posts on the forum ever since the first release this summer and I'd like to give you some background on some issues.

Due to certain circumstances, we had to ship the first batch with OS 0.36. This was actually a pre-release version. Also, boot code 1.10 had known problems writing files over USB, which I after many weeks traced down to a processor flag not being updated correctly (yes, processors ain't perfect either). Anyway, in boot 1.30 and OS 1.02 this is all fixed. So for those of you who own a DrumIt with boot 1.10, please update to boot 1.30 before writing any new files to the unit (see To make sure the file system is correct, run a disk check as well. After that, it's safe to update the OS and download new sounds.

I've seen the wish list and most of the (software) stuff is on my list too! However, I'm only human and need some time off as well. But be assured, OS 1.02 is just the beginning. Since the OS update is so easy, I'll try to make new versions available as frequently as possible.

There are many more issues I could comment on, but I think Scottie has done a real good job here already. I'm in contact with him regularly about things popping up, so you will get an answer by means of the forum.

Also a big thanks to our distributors.

Best wishes to you all.

Deve Loper