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Here is an unofficial version of the 2box DrumIt Five manual, adapted for the blind and visually impaired.

Unofficial DrumIt Five Manual for the Blind and Visually Impaired

It was prepared with help from Justin Thornton.

This version of the manual contains a few changes and additions and has been formatted and shortened for better access.
Each setting page is followed by a shortened list of buttons to access it. For example: "press the KIT button then press the DOWN Button 6 times" is referred to as "KIT, DOWN 6"
Each setting title is followed by the corresponding button: B1 to B3 for top buttons, D1 to D3 for dials.
DrumIt Manager: DKit Manager, DSound Manager

I'm very glad to announce the release of DrumIt Manager! Thanks to Jman and Teletom007 for testing :)

  • Windows 8 32/64, 7 32/64, Vista 32/64 or XP SP2/SP3
  • a screen resolution of 1024x600 minimum

DrumIt Manager includes DKit Manager and DSound Manager.

  • Open .dkit files by double clicking them in your usual file explorer
  • Preview .dsnd files by double clicking them in your usual file explorer

DKit Manager

With DKit Manager you can Inspect, edit and make bulk modifications to your .dkit files.

DKit Manager features

  • Inspect, edit and save the contents of a Kit or Kit Bank in .dkit format
  • Open an existing Kit Bank or start from scratch with 100 empty kits
  • Organize the order of the 100 kits from a Kit Bank using drag-n-drop
  • Import one or several single .dkit in a Kit Bank (if multiple kits are imported they will be added after the current kit)
  • Export one or several single .dkit from a Kit Bank (can be used to split all kits from a Kit Bank to single .dkit files)
  • Preview .dsnd files by double clicking on the list of available .dsnd
  • Preview .dsnd, .wav Song and .dsnd Metronome from a Kit
  • Kit: drag and drop .dsnd and .wav files from your file explorer or from the lists to the Kit and Layout views
  • Kit: edit title, .dsnd, Song and Metronome values using text input fields (missing files are displayed in red)
  • Kit: copy and Paste kits in a Kit Bank
  • Kit: clear one, several or all kits from a Kit Bank
  • Layout: display user-defined pad names with a Layout system compatible with SDSE, edit and save your layouts with DKit Manager.
  • Unit: import all Unit settings from another Kit Bank
  • Unit: copy and Paste all Unit settings between several Kit Banks
  • Unit: reset all Unit settings from a Kit Bank
  • Rename: search and Replace text in .dsnd or Kit Title or .wav Song Title for all kits or checked kits
  • Copy: copy one or several kits and their .dsnd files to individual folders (useful to move one of the stock kits to another SD card)
  • Delete: delete one or several kit and all .dsnd files unique to those kits (useful to free some space without any risk of deleting a .dsnd that is used by another kit)
  • Swap: swap all Drum values from one pad to another, for all kits or checked kits (useful to convert the stock DrumIt.dkit to your own layout or if you change your layout)
  • Check: check Kit or Kit Bank for missing .dsnd and .wav files, duplicate and long filenames, unused .dsnd files
DKit Manager evaluation version

  • Open, inspect and preview the contents of a Kit or Kit Bank in .dkit format
  • Preview .dsnd files by double clicking them in your usual file explorer
  • Check a Kit or Kit Bank
  • Edit and save the Kit Layout used by SDSE
  • Set the current Kit Layout to be used by SDSE: select a Layout to set it as the current layout before exporting a Kit or creating a .dkit file with SDSE

Organize your kits

Drag and drop kits in the list.
Select one or several kits to export as single .dkit files.
Import one or several single .dkit files at the current kit position.

Drag and Drop .dsnd and .wav files

.dsnd and .wav files can be dropped from the lists on the left of DKit Manager, but also from a file explorer like Windows Explorer. If the file is not contained in a sub-folder or parent folder relative to the Kit Bank you have opened you will be able to edit settings but won't be able to preview the sound.

Missing files displayed in red

DKit Manager displays missing .dsnd and song files in red.

You can copy and paste .dsnd names between input fields (CTRL+C/CTRL+V) and even revert to the previous value (CTRL+Z).

The particular shade of red used in DKit Manager to mark missing files is the "psychological red" as defined by the Natural Color System.
Natural Color System (NCS) is a proprietary perceptual color model published by the Scandinavian Colour Institute (Skandinaviska Färginstitutet AB) of Stockholm, Sweden.

Layout system

Set up your layout to match your kit. You can manage up to 4 Layouts for up to 4 DrumIt Five modules.

When saving a Kit Bank the current layout number is saved in the .dkit file. The next time you open your Kit Bank DKit Manager will display the correct Layout.

Edit pads and pad names using the editor. The Layout system is compatible with SDSE
When you export a kit with SDSE it will create a .dkit file that matches the last Layout you have selected in DKit Manager.

DSound Manager

Browse or drag and drop one or several .dsnd files, select new settings, click Tune. The new values will be appended to the filenames.
The new version of SDSE includes something a bit different, it's a DrumIt Five Editor add-on.
I hope it can be useful to all 2Box users and not just those of us who export sounds from drum VSTs with SDSE.

It runs on Windows and has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7.

This add-on is not made by 2Box and is not a modification of the DrumIt Five Editor program from 2Box, it's a different program that runs separately.

It allows you to set different pad layouts which is useful for people who split their toms to add more pads or use a custom setup.
It can serve as a visual reminder but is also used by SDSE to build .dkit files using your custom pad layout.

When SDSE and the DrumIt Five Editor are both open you will get a personalized view.

If you use several DrumIt Five modules you can have different layouts matched to your modules.

The default layouts are:
1: default 2Box layout
2: example of a split tom layout with an extra Tom, two more Cymbals and a Cowbell.
3: example of a black kit with a cymbal and Cowbell on the Tom 4
4: example of a very different layout with Toms on Cymbal pads, Cymbals on Kick and Snare pads

Click on one of the numbered buttons to switch to one of the four layouts.

Edit SDSE_DrumItFive.ini to change those four layouts to your preference.

If you split the first Tom on your module to add a Cymbal you would change
tom 1 rim=RIM
tom 1 rim=CYMBAL 3

You can use all the names found in the SDSE Reaper project (KICK, SNARE, TOM, RIDE, CYMBAL, CRASH, SPLASH, CHINA, SPOCK, COWBELL) or any custom name.

You can also change the colours to match your kit by adding ";000000" where 000000 is a 6 character colour code (see here for examples)
To set the fourth tom to black (or dark grey) you would set:
tom 1=TOM 1;303030

When you export a full kit using SDSE it will build the matching .dkit file taking into account the extra spots you set in your configuration.
It will use the default layout set by "Default Layout=", or the current layout if the DrumIt Five Editor is open and you switched the view to a different layout.

SDSE is a software meant for 2Box users and e-drummers.

SDSE stands for Simple Drum Sounds Exporter or Super Drumkits from Sweden.

I got the 2Box DrumIt Five module for the realism of the sounds and the fact that the module is fully open to receive new sounds. Of course the module can also be used to trigger VST sounds but personally the ease of setup and ease of use of the DrumIt Five as a standalone module is something I really enjoy. After many visits to this forum I started following the example set by Jman and others and started adding new .dsnd files. Importing sounds to the DrumIt Five was made easier thanks to the great program that is DSoundTool but all the small steps required to export sounds from a VST sound library (drag and dropping a MIDI item, learning the note for each instrument/articulation, renaming the .dnsd) can amount to a lot of time.

Wouldn't it be great if we had an export feature in Superior Drummer 2 that would convert a preset to a set of .dsnd files with matching .dkit? The goal of SDSE is to perform the same task.
I started working on SDSE this summer as a project for my own use but when it became a one-click solution I thought I would polish it and add features in hope that it makes it easier for fellow drummers to export their kits.

Many thanks to Jman for his feedback and extensive testing!

Automatically export drum instruments or whole kits from a drum instrument VST to .wav and optionally to .dsnd and .dkit for the DrumIt Five module.
The process is fully automated for supported VSTs and basic functionality should work with other VSTs as long as they are set to use the same MIDI map.
It can also be used without REAPER or a VST to quickly build .dsnd files from .wav.

  • Windows 10 32/64, Windows 8 32/64, 7 32/64, Vista 32/64 or XP SP2/SP3
  • 1GB RAM minimum, 4GB or more recommended to export full kits
  • a screen resolution of 800x600 minimum
  • Vista/7/8: you can use any DPI setting as long as XP scaling is enabled. 96 (100%) and 120 (125%) DPI settings have XP scaling enabled by default
Various features require one or several of the following programs:

Supported VST instruments

  • one-click operation from VST to .wav and .dsnd + .dkit
  • automatically generate a .dkit from the newly converted .dsnd
  • automatically adjusts HiHat zones when building a .dsnd
  • automatically rename the .wav and .dsnd files using the original instrument names (supported VST only)
  • option to shrink filenames using user-defined search/replace
       required to be able to build .dkits properly and to identify parts on the small DrumIt Five screen.
  • option to put width first in filenames
       14x6.5 instead of 6.5x14, to make it easier to find an instrument when browsing.
  • option to add Library short names as filename suffix or prefix
       useful to identify which sounds belong to the same recording room.
  • option to add custom suffix to the files when exporting kit variations
  • option to delete the .wav files on success
  • options to disable exporting Tom Rim, Crash Mute and Hats Bell
  • option to normalize .wav files
  • option to sort the resulting .dsnd files in subfolders
  • prompt to add missing MIDI mappings to Superior Drummer 2 configuration if needed.
       you may see this prompt if you use the Avatar or Music City libraries.
  • set background colour
  • play sound when complete
Other Features
  • Edit your kit layout with DKit Manager
       Allows you to set different pad layouts, useful for people who split their toms to add more pads or use a custom setup.
       Edit your kit layout with DKit Manager.   The current Layout setting from Dkit Manager is used by SDSE to build a .dkit file that matches your own pad layout.
Evaluation version features

  • built-in support for all instruments to be exported to .wav and .dsnd except for Hats and Cymbals
  • Addictive Drums 2 kick and snares
  • Addictive Drums Sonor Designer kit
  • BFD3 BFD3 DW Mardi Gras kit
  • BFD2 and BFD Eco Ludwig Vistalite and Black Oyster kits
  • Drumasonic 2 and Drumasonic Luxury default kit
  • Sennheiser DrumMic'a kit
  • Steven Slate Drums 5.5 and 5, Lwg kit from the Deluxe 2 library
  • Steven Slate Drums 4 DW kit (Deluxe Rock and Custom libraries)
  • Abbey Road 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Vintage and Modern default kits
  • Studio Drummer default kit
  • Superior Drummer 2 Avatar sound library
  • EZdrummer 2 Modern kits
  • EZdrummer or EZdrummer Lite core library (Pop/Rock EZX)
  • EZdrummer Lite Cocktail EZX

Supported Sound Libraries

Addictive Drums 2, Addictive Drums

  • Addictive Drums (Studio Pop, Rock, Prog)
  • Black Velvet
  • Fairfax Vol. 1
  • Fairfax Vol. 2
  • Funk
  • Indie
  • Metal
  • Modern Jazz Brushes
  • Modern Jazz Sticks
  • Modern Soul and R&B
  • Reel Machines
  • Retro (Retroplex, Blue Oyster, Black Oyster)
  • Session Percussion
  • United Heavy
  • United Pop
  • Vintage Dry

  • DW Collector's Bass Drum
  • DW Solid Piccolo Snare
  • DW Woofer
  • DW Premier Gen-X Bass Drum
  • Sonor Designer Snare
  • Vistalite Bass Drum

BFD3, BFD2 and BFD Eco

Expansion Packs
  • BFD3
  • BFD2, London Sessions, BFD Eco
  • 8 Bit Kit
  • Andy Johns Classic Drums
  • Big Orchestral Marching Band (Marching Drums, Orchestral)
  • Cocktail
  • Decatom
  • Deluxe Collection
  • DrumDrops BFD Slingerland
  • DrumDrops BFD Rogers Big R Dub Kit
  • Dunnett Titanium
  • Eldorado
  • EpiK DrumS Bill Cobham
  • EpiK DrumS Bob Siebenberg
  • EpiK DrumS Rod Morgenstein
  • EpiK DrumS Sixties DownBeat
  • EpiK DrumS Seventies EJ
  • EpiK DrumS Terry Bozzio
  • EpiK DrumS Woody Woodmansey
  • Evil Drums
  • Heavy
  • Horsepower
  • Imperial Drums
  • Japanese Taiko Percussion
  • Jazz & Funk
  • Jazz Noir
  • JEX XDrum
  • Jim Scott Rock Drums Vol. 1 & 2
  • Metal Snares
  • Modern Drummer Snare Drum Selects
  • Neil Peart Kit
  • Nick Mason Kit
  • Oblivion
  • Percussion
  • Rock Legends Gretsch Charlie Watts
  • Sabian Digital Vault
  • Signature Snares Vol. 1
  • Signature Snares Vol. 2
  • Sleishman Drums
  • Sleishman Snares
  • Sonic Reality Vinny Appice
  • Sonic Reality Hugh Padgham Big Fill Kit
  • Sonica Kabuki and Noh Percussion
  • Sphere
  • Stanton Moore Bosphorus Cymbals
  • Swan Percussion
  • The Black Album Drums
  • Virtually Erskine (Peter Erskine)
  • XFL
  • Yamaha Jazz Maple
  • Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
  • Yamaha Oak Custom
  • Zildjian Digital Vault (Gen16 Z-Pack1, S-Pack1, S-Pack2)

Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Steven Slate Drums 5, Steven Slate Drums 4

  • Blackbird
  • Chris Lord-Alge
  • Classic Signature
  • Classic Vol. 1
  • Classic Vol. 2
  • David Bendeth
  • Deluxe
  • Deluxe 2
  • Electronic
  • Terry Date

Superior Drummer, EZdrummer

Superior Drummer 3, Superior Drummer 2 SDX
  • Avatar
  • Custom & Vintage
  • Darkness
  • Death
  • Decades
  • Evil Drums
  • Indiependent
  • Legacy of Rock
  • Metal Foundry
  • Metal Machinery
  • Music City
  • New York Vol. 2
  • New York Vol. 3
  • Orchestral Percussion I
  • Orchestral Percussion II
  • Progressive Foundry
  • Rock Foundry
  • Rock Warehouse
  • Rooms of Hansa Live Room
  • Rooms of Hansa Marble Room
  • Rooms of Hansa Meistersaal
  • Rooms of Hansa Vocal Booth
  • Roots Sticks
  • Roots Brushes, Rods & Mallets
  • Superior Drummer 3 Core
EZdrummer 2, EZdrummer, Superior Drummer 3, Superior Drummer 2 EZX

  • Action!
  • Alt-Rock
  • Americana
  • Big Band
  • Big Rock Drums
  • Claustrophobic
  • Cocktail
  • Custom Shop
  • Dark Matter
  • Death Metal
  • Dream Pop
  • Drumkit From Hell
  • Drums Of Destruction
  • Electronic
  • Funkmasters
  • Hard Rock
  • Hip-Hop!
  • Indie Folk
  • Jazz
  • Kicks & Snares
  • Latin Percussion
  • Made of Metal
  • Metal!
  • Metal Machine
  • Metalheads
  • Modern/Vintage
  • Nashville
  • Number 1 Hits
  • Pop!
  • Pop Punk
  • Pop/Rock
  • Post-Rock
  • Progressive Rock
  • Reggae
  • Rock!
  • Rock Solid
  • Seventies Rock
  • Southern Soul
  • The Blues
  • The Classic
  • Traditional Country
  • Twisted Kit
  • UK Pop
  • Vintage Rock

Kontakt 6

Native Instruments
  • Abbey Road 50's Drummer
  • Abbey Road 60's Drummer
  • Abbey Road 70's Drummer
  • Abbey Road 80's Drummer
  • Abbey Road Modern Drummer
  • Abbey Road Vintage Drummer
  • Studio Drummer

Analogue Drums
  • Big Mono 1.70
  • Big Mono Redux 1.72
  • BlackSmith 1.02
  • Bombastix 1.03
  • Boxer 1.02
  • BuckShot 1.70
  • DeadBeat 1.04
  • FatStacks 1.85
  • Gorilla 1.82
  • Grandioso 1.70
  • KingPin 1.80
  • MonoTown 1.50
  • Pizazz 1.01
  • Plastique 1.81
  • PopSticks 1.72
  • PopSticks SC 1.72
  • RockStock 1.72
  • RockStock SC 1.72
  • Royale 1.01
  • Smoker 1.00
  • SnareCity 1.72
  • SplitSticks 1.70

Chocolate Audio
  • The Black Album Drums 2.0.3
  • Drumasonic 2
  • Drumasonic Luxury
  • DrumForge (Kick, Snare and Toms only)
GetGood Drums
  • Halpern Drums v2
  • Invasion
  • Modern & Massive Drums
  • P4 Matt Halpern Signature Pack
Ocean Way Drums
  • Platinum/Gold with V-Drum mapping (one piece at a time)
  • DrumMic'a