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Hi Paspallum,

The older DrumIt modules have an internal SD card slot and can be modified to get an external SD card slot like the DrumIt Five MKII. The modification is quite cheap and easy to install by following guides on this forum (if you're located in Europe contact ANGR77).

Having an external SD card slot allows to upgrade the SD card if needed so if you find that the module doesn't keep up when you play, with a delay between the pad hits and the sound it produces, there is always the possibility to try another card. If wouldn't affect the loading speed of the kits in a noticeable way though. Even if the card isn't the best possible match for the DrumIt the kits are still loaded almost instantaneously when you select a different kit on the module.
If you notice latency when playing bigger kits there are some recommended settings to improve it. Karbonfaiba and halftime found that it could be improved a lot by increasing the Mask setting on the module (increase it as high as possible without missing hits). Setting the Decay to 10 instead of infinite can also help.

The older modules can be upgraded from the 4 GB SD card to 32 or even 64 GB. The size of the kits can vary a lot between the amount of samples and amount of kit pieces but for SD3 and BFD3 it should be possible to store about 30 kits on a 32 GB card. You can use the pieces from different exported kits to create more kit selections on the module or with the 2box Editor or DKit Manager.

I hope that helps, don't hesitate to send me a mail if you have more questions. There's also a small SDSE and DrumIt FAQ here:

Thanks for the feedback :)

EZDrummer 3 will definitely be high on the to-do list! I haven't tested it but if the MIDI mapping hasn't changed it may already work nicely with the semi-manual export without having to find the notes: open the region/marker manager in Reaper, select the first line for kick1, snare1, snare1 rim, toms 1 to 5, ride1, crash1, crash 2, splash1 edge, china2 edge, hats edge closed, hats edge open 1 to 5, hats bow closed, hats foot splash and it should be good to go. If needed you can press Ctrl while clicking Export to force it to use the semi-manual export.

SDSE 3.2.0 is available: download

  • support for MixWave Luke Holland, Thomas Pridgen Drums and Tony Royster Jr for Kontakt Player (all with default mapping)
  • MODO Drum: support for MODO Drum v1.5.0
  • MODO Drum: added partial support for screen resolutions smaller than 1280x800
  • SD3/EZD2: support for the Dance EZX expansion.
  • Export: press Ctrl while clicking Export to force using the semi-manual export mode normally used for unsupported VSTs or unsupported Kontakt sound libraries.
  • Kontakt, Modern Drummer: fixed issue when exporting with Kontakt 6.7.0
  • support for REAPER 6.56

A new version of DrumIt Manager is available.

  • DSound Manager Edit: improved velocity values when sorting layers manually in the list of layers.
  • DKit Manager Kit: the Tune value is now kept when the dsnd is missing, to allow editing a kit without having the corresponding instrument files.
  • DKit Manager Kit Diff: when two kits are selected (with ctrl+click) the list of differences between them will appear near the top/right on the first Kit page.
  • DKit Manager: improved search for .dsnd files on large drives.
  • DKit Manager Check: the Check page can now be used only on a kit selection (for all kits by default, or for the selected or checked kits when two or more kits are selected)
  • DKit Manager Check: check boxes to limit the search to certain pad types, or to avoid checking dsnd files.
  • DKit Manager Check Duplicates: you can now find duplicate kits (even with different titles), kits that use the same pads (same dsnd and settings for the whole pad) or kits that use the same dsnd for certain pads - thanks to Jochen for the suggestion
  • DKit Manager Check Diff: you can now find differences between selected kits (up to 99 selected kits), useful to find changes between different versions of the same kit.
  • DKit Manager Report, Kit: option to save one report file for each kit - thanks to Jochen for the suggestion
  • DKit Manager Report, Kit: option to keep empty lines when the pad is empty - thanks to Jochen for the suggestion

SDSE 3.1.0 is available: download

  • support for IK Multimedia MODO DRUM (v1.1.3 with default mapping, minimum screen resolution 1280x800)
  • support for Soniccouture Electro-Acoustic for Kontakt Player (v1.4.4 with default mapping)
  • support for GetGood Drums One Kit Wonder Architects (with the default Invasion mapping) - thanks to Cory
  • fixed issue when the width of the list of VST instruments is adjusted on small screen resolutions (it can now be minimized if needed) - thanks to Israel C for reporting this
  • fixed possible issue with REAPER freezing when cancelling an export before it starts.
  • SSD5.5: fixed exporting Tom 3 for some kits.
  • Convert: the Generic profile can now be used to sort folders of individual samples by volume - suggested by tsss27
  • new option "Sort from quiet to loud" for the Generic profile with Convert, to reverse the sorting order when sorting individual samples by volume - suggested by tsss27
  • updated default configuration for VSTs in REAPER.
  • support for REAPER 6.45

SDSE 3.0 is available: download

This version adds support for Ugritone KVLT Drums II, a cool VST for metal drummers looking for a raw sound.

  • support for Ugritone KVLT Drums II (with default mapping and minimized window. make sure to load a kit before selecting kit pieces to export with the checkboxes)
  • support for GetGood Drums One Kit Wonder Classic Rock (with the default Invasion mapping)
  • SD3: support for the Fields of Rock SDX (Dry, Live, Percussion, Stone) - thanks to edcito!
  • SD3/EZD2: support for the Electronic Edge and In The Pocket EZX expansions.
  • GetGood Drums: fixed issue with the hihat when using some SDSE options
  • support for Superior Drummer 3 v3.2.5 and v3.2.6
  • support for REAPER 6.40

SDSE 2.9.9 is available: download

2box DrumIt Loops fixes and improvements
Big thanks to Daniel from for reporting issues with loops in SDSE and DrumIt Manager. Check out 2B40 if you're looking to easily make music with loops!

Alesis Strike Tip: save memory
For anyone with both a 2box DrumIt and an Alesis Strike module, here's a great trick that was found by Matt Lee: you can enjoy the same memory saving benefits as the Max Tune Up feature from the DrumIt on the Alesis Strike!
- in the new version of SDSE, set Options > Convert > Max tune up to 5
- export some instruments with SDSE and copy them to your Strike SD card
- open the Strike Editor and create your new instruments, making sure to set the 'SEMI' parameter negative to match your max tune setting (for max tune up 5 in SDSE, set SEMI to -5 in the Strike Editor)

  • support for GetGood Drums One Kit Wonder Aggressive Rock, One Kit Wonder Metal and One Kit Wonder Modern Fusion (all with the default Invasion mapping)
  • support for Wavesfactory Legacy Drums with GM mapping (in Legacy Drums settings, articulation control select preset: Mapping_Brush_GM, Mapping_ClassicRock_GM, Mapping_TeaTowel_GM)
  • Convert, Sort in folders: more choice for subfolder \preset, \lib, \VST
  • SSD5.5: support for SSD5.5 v1.2.4 when UI scale is set higher than 100% in the SSD5 settings. export tom rims.
  • SSD4: export HiHat foot splash for David Bendeth, Blackbird, Chris Lord-Alge and Terry Date. export tom rims for Chris Lord-Alge.
  • 2box loops: fixed issue when batch converting from .wav to loop .dsnd - big thanks to Daniel from for reporting this!
  • Convert, 2box: it is now possible to batch convert more than 127 single zone .wav to .dsnd at a time.
  • Convert, Alesis Strike: the Max tune up can now be used with the Strike profile, to save a lot of memory on the Strike.
  • fix to export from Perfect Drums (drums and kits only, sampler is not supported)
  • SD3: better fix to export from SD3 when the sound library contains many presets, or on small screen resolutions (tested on as low as 1024x768) - thanks to Raymond for reporting this issue
  • SD3: fix to export crash bell when cymbal is loaded in a preset using several SDX or EZX - thanks to Al for reporting this
  • VSDSX: support for VSDSX 2.0.2
  • support for REAPER 6.32

A new version of DrumIt Manager is available.

Big thanks to Daniel from for reporting issues with loops. Check out 2B40 if you're looking to easily make music with loops!

  • DKit Manager Multi-edit mode: it is now possible to change Kit settings for several kits at once even when they don't have any pads set to the same dsnd instrument - thanks to ddrummer68 for the suggestion
  • DSound Manager Create, Tune: more fixes when creating, tuning and playing Loop .dsnd
  • DSound Manager Create: the Loop check box is replaced by a "Loop" type in the drop down menu to select the type of dsnd to create.
  • DSound Manager Extract: the "restore Pitch" option can now be used to restore the original length of loop samples.
  • DKit Manager, DSound Manager: loops are now played at their original speed (for the first time, they could play a bit too fast in the 2box Editor and DSoundTool)

Great! although changing the Windows scale setting to 100% is apparently only needed on some computers (Microsoft Surface) or when using a version of Reaper that wasn't installed and configured by SDSE during setup. The next version will install Reaper 6.29.

Sorry for the delay, I didn't see this post and only heard about the issue from someone else two hours ago!
The next version will work with SSD5.5 v1.2.4. It was an issue with the newer SSD5.5 version when the UI scale is set to 125% or 150% in the SSD5 settings. It should already work when it's set to 100% in the current version.

Thanks for testing and for the kind words. The added step is the way to go in this case. I should have mentioned it, with the new multi-edit mode the changes are only applied if the new value is different from the default multi-edit value which is based on the first selected kit (except for the dsnd). So if some value from the current kit is already the intended setting to be applied to all the selected kits I would do it in two steps like you did, or change it to something else first before clicking Multi.

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for the feedback!

It's a good idea about the multi edit mode, I have sent you a test version with an improved multi edit mode :)
The Multi-edit mode could already be used to adjust the panning, balance or decay in multiple kits at once, but only as long as the pads were set to the same dsnd instrument. In the next version it will also be possible to use the Multi edit mode to change almost all of the Kit values in multiple kits even when the pads are not set to the same dsnd.

Thanks for all your feedback Karbonfaiba it's much appreciated. I didn't notice that your post appeared on the forum since we last exchanged mails. Just in case anyone wonders the difference turned out to be dithering noise. It happened in SDSE when using the Max Tune Up option (which is disabled by default) or when converting directly from individual .wav samples to .dsnd (without exporting from a drum VST). In DSound Manager it happened when Max Tune Up was used (disabled by default) or when Maximize wasn't used (enabled by default)

SDSE 2.9.8 is released: download

It supports the new BFD3 version from inMusic, following the migration from to

  • support for more free VSTi from Alan Vista: Clavestinas, Clog Boxes, Cymbalistic, Hand Crash and Thai Gongs.
  • BFD3: support for BFD3 from inMusic/
  • BFD3: support for the Crush expansion.
  • BFD3: support for the rim click articulation for the first five toms (high, mid2, mid, floor 2, floor), set Tom Rim to Rimonly in Options > Zones. mapping is full so removed Perc 11 to 15.
  • 2box Kit: when creating a .dkit file the Decay is now set to 10 by default instead of infinite to help reduce latency.
  • 2box: fixed batch converting .wav samples to Loop .dsnd (when copying .wav samples in "SDSE Sounds", clicking Convert and checking "Convert all to Loop")
  • 2box: disable .wav dithering when Max Tune Up is used or when converting from already split samples, to avoid noise when playing the dsnd when the volume is increased higher than 0 in the Kit or Unit settings - big thanks to Karbonfaiba for reporting this!
  • SD3: fixed issue that prevented exporting from SD3 v3.2.4 when too many presets were installed.
  • SD3: the Ruff articulation can now be exported (enable "Ruff" for the snare in SD3 and set Snare Rim or Snare articulations to "Drag" in the SDSE Options)
  • GetGood Drums Invasion: added Ruff as second zone of the alternate snare, fixed China L mapping and exporting Bell L, Bell R.
  • Kontakt: fix to allow exporting from unsupported sound libraries that use multiple instruments instead of a single instrument (like Core Kit from vi-elements)
  • fixed setting sort folder option to "instr" - thanks to Karbonfaiba for reporting this
  • fixed possible issue after checking REAPER.
  • fixed support for the older version of VSDSX 1.0
  • support for REAPER 6.28

Thanks again for making that video Anders!

A new version of DrumIt Manager is available.
  • DSound Manager: fixed Loop option.
  • DSound Manager: disable .wav dithering when Max Tune Up is used or when Maximize is not used, to avoid noise when playing the dsnd when the volume is increased higher than 0 in the Kit or Unit settings - big thanks to Karbonfaiba for reporting this

Sharing drum sounds - wav / aiff / rex / Re: BFD3 not working in SDSE
« on: April 23, 2021, 05:15:49 PM »
Hi Digs,

Thanks for your message, I'm afraid my previous mail got caught in the spam folder. I have released the new version with support for BFD3 3.4.024 now.

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