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SDSE 2.8.3: download

  • support for VSDS-X 2.0 (Simmons SDS-V Extended Drum Synthesizer)
  • BFD3: support for the Jazz Noir expansion
  • Convert: Maximize option to set a maximum dB
  • Convert: option to convert to mono by selecting the loudest channel, option to convert to mono with a slightly higher volume
  • Advanced (for AD2, SD3, EZD2, BFD3, SSD5, Perfect Drums, MT Power Drum Kit 2): option to Center Pan mixers when exporting to mono
  • Duplicate samples remover: "minimize gaps" option to prevent gaps between velocities by giving priority to low gaps instead of removing all possible duplicates
  • Samples: "minimize gaps" option to fit the maximum limits and minimize gaps between velocities
  • SD3: support for user instruments (imported audio files loaded as kit pieces)
  • SD3/SD2/EZD2: improved articulation selection for some of the hi-hats
  • SD3/SD2: added prompts to adjust MIDI mapping for Metal Foundry, N.Y. Allaire and N.Y. Hit Factory (their default mapping for hihat open4 and open5 doesn't match the mapping from all other SDX/EZX)
  • SSD5: fixed tom2 for Blackbird and David Bendeth expansions
  • Kontakt The Black Album Drums: new default settings when exporting (set drummer's perspective, enable round robins, export both kick drums)
  • Kontakt Abbey Road/Studio Drummer/Modern Drummer: the pedal closed (chick) can be exported for the Strike and other modules.
  • BFD3 The Black Album Drums and other expansions: fix to export cymbals with 3 zones set to the Cymbal 2 slot, and cymbals loaded in the perc slot.
  • fixed issues when using several monitors

New version of DrumIt Manager
  • DKit Manager, Sounds: fixed finding .dsnd instruments when loading a single kit
  • DKit Manager, Sounds: fixed issues when using Search and Refresh
  • Accessibility: DKit Manager and DSound Tuner can be used with the JAWS screen reader
  • Accessibility: when using NVDA or JAWS the Sound settings for the enabled zones use numbers instead of plus and minus characters ("2" instead of "-+-")
  • keyboard shortcuts to load previous/next .dkit from the same folder. F11: Load Previous .dkit from same folder, F12: Load Next .dkit from same folder

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Convert .dsnd files to other type
« on: September 21, 2019, 06:42:24 PM »
Each zone of the .dsnd is extracted to a folder that contains individual .wav files (one .wav file for each velocity). So if the sampler can assign the velocities it wouldn't take too long. The hard part would be to fine tune the results if needed.

I can't recommend any VST in particular since I've only been doing the opposite myself (from drum VSTs to 2box), but some drum VSTs like Perfect Drums or BFD3 can load multi layer samples (single articulation for BFD3).
For instance .dsnd instruments can be easily imported in BFD3 (one articulation at a time):
- in DSound Tuner browse or drag and drop one or several .dsnd files, check "restore pitch" and "reverse order", click Extract to extract the .dsnd to individual .wav samples numbered from quiet to loud.
- in BFD3 select Drums on the left then click File > Import Samples.
- select the drum type, type a name below (you can even add a user icon), click +, select all the .wav samples for the articulation, click Import.

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Convert .dsnd files to other type
« on: September 21, 2019, 06:39:27 AM »
It's also possible to extract the samples from .dsnd files to .wav, to then load them in any sampler that can use .wav samples.
To extract from .dsnd to .wav you can use DSoundTool (File > Open, select a .dsnd, File > Split) or DSound Tuner (Extract tab, Browse or drag and drop one or several .dsnd, click Extract, it will restore the original pitch by default)

You're most welcome Murgen! You were one of the very first to use SDSE, I'm very glad if it can be useful to you today. Thanks for the feedback :)

Welcome back Murgen!

Hi, When you tried exporting from Royotoms did you select it in the list on the left in Reaper or did you add it to the project? Normally it should be detected and can be selected directly in the list. I tested it now by following the link on to get "Win 64 VST (82.1 Mb)  V 1.0", then extracted it in C:\Program Files\VstPlugins

If SDSE doesn't detect Royotoms I would reboot the computer or log out/log in to make sure it's displayed at the right size.

When you select Royotoms in the list SDSE should detect it and display check boxes to select the pieces to export. It should look like this:

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Linked kits problem
« on: July 17, 2019, 05:12:58 PM »
Great! I would switch between the 4GB and 32GB cards a few times to check that it works all the time. If it happens again I would check that there is only one copy of the dsnd files used by these kits on the SD card. If some files share the same 31 characters and are located in different folders it may explain what happened (in case one of the dsnd files couldn't be read but the other could). If some files were corrupted make sure to never copy files though USB to the 32GB card, but always with a SD card reader on a computer.

I would compare the settings for toms 1, 2 and 3 to the default settings of tom 4 (if it's not used), to check if the Thresh, Curve look ok and Xtalk, localXtalk are Off. Did you try selecting one of these sounds on the snare? I would try one of the dsnd on the snare and if it works then plug the snare to the tom1 input then tom2, tom3. If these percussion dsnd contain a single zone does the Sound setting display "+" on the module and in DKit Manager? I would try to toggle the Sound setting on the module in case it's set to "-+".

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Linked kits problem
« on: July 16, 2019, 11:15:15 AM »
I would copy one of the kits on the original 4GB card and try it on the module to check if it comes from the 32GB card. The card is certainly just fine but it's possible that something happened and that it needs to be formatted. Once you know it's not the SD card I would try to build one of the 9 kits from scratch with the same dsnd files, to see if at least you could replicate the same kit and get it working. You could also open the kits with DKit Manager to check if there's any particular setting that would only affect Tom 3 by comparing all settings for Tom 2 and Tom 3 on the first two Kit and Unit pages.

Did you try changing the Sound setting? Check the Sound setting in case it's set to "-+". I would toggle it until it's "++" or "+" (even if it already shows "++" or "+")

thanks for the kind words :)

SDSE 2.8.1: download

  • EZD2: support for EZdrummer 2 Demo
  • Convert: fixed default Maximize option (ride cymbals were not always set as loud as possible)
  • SD2: normalize zones when the "remove rim sounds on snare head" option is used
  • SD3: fixes to export custom kits with pieces from different SDX or from the same SDX that are loaded in different slots
  • 2box: fixed rare issue when saving .dsnd files (saving would fail)
  • fixed possible issue when selecting regions on REAPER 5.97
  • GetGood Drums Modern, Invasion: improved duplicate samples detection
  • SD2 accessibility: fixed possible issues with the presets menu (F10, Load/Save) and when saving to dsnd

New version of DrumIt Manager

  • DSound Tuner, Match feature: fixed issue when matching velocities and volumes to a reference dsnd (some layers could be too loud) - thanks to Steven for reporting this

SDSE 2.8.0 is available: download

  • support for Perfect Drums (drums and kits only, sampler is not supported)
  • support for GetGood Drums Invasion - thanks to Chris S. for testing
  • GetGood Drums Halpern: added all instrument names, simplified check boxes to select pieces - thanks to Ryan for feedback
  • GetGood Drums Modern & Massive: added all instrument names, simplified check boxes to select pieces
  • Alesis Strike and other modules that can play .wav files: it's now possible to export 3 zones at once from a hihat (bell, bow, edge)
  • Alesis Strike and other modules: MIDI regions are now renamed to zone names to better identify .wav files - thanks to Ryan and Josh for feedback
  • Alesis Strike and other modules: prevent identical or almost identical instrument names in the same kit
  • 2box, SD3: fix to export a hihat with less than 3 articulations - thanks to Chris H. for feedback
  • SD3: fix to export the hi-hat closed bell
  • Kontakt: fix when exporting from Kontakt 5 (when adding Kontakt 5 to the project instead of Kontakt 6)
  • BFD3: support for BFD3 3.3.0
  • improved check for free space on Destination Path (export is cancelled if there is not enough space to export the selected kit)

Hi, it can happen if SDSE couldn't find the path to Metal Foundry or access its files. It's possible that some entries are missing in Windows, in that case running the Metal Foundry installer or removing/adding it in the SD3 settings should make it work. I'll send you a mail with details to fix this.

Make sure to install the latest version of SDSE in case you currently have an old version or if the kit you're exporting from Metal Foundry is built from pieces loaded from other SDX packs.

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