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I'm deeply saddened. He was an inspiration and the heart of this 2box community, always helping others with an endless supply of patience. I felt he was more about passion for drums than business, which is not the case for everyone... Jman was the reason I started exporting VST sounds to my DrumIt Five after seeing his posts on this forum and his videos. He tested the first versions of my program SDSE before it had a name and helped fix an issue with the current version almost 8 years later.

DrumIt 3 and DrumIt 5 Software - PC / Mac / Re: Custom dsnd
« on: May 21, 2020, 05:58:36 PM »
To make sure the different articulations cut at the same velocity and don't overlap you'll want to use a file, it's a format used by DSoundTool that's supported in SDSE now.

Here's what I would do:
- create a dsnd for each of your three zones (edge, centre, rimshot)
- extract them with DSoundTool (File > Open, File > Split) or DSound Tuner. It will extract the samples and create a file for each zone.
- optional: rename the Edge folder to something like "SNARE1 - Snare ECR"
- in the Edge folder open with Notepad. Remove the velocities you don't need, delete the corresponding .wav files from the folder.
- copy/paste the velocities you want from the other files for the centre and rimshot and move the corresponding samples to the Edge folder.
- use DSoundTool to build the new dsnd (Dsnd > Generate) or copy the new folder in the "SDSE Sounds" folder if you plan to batch convert several snares later.

It's also possible to just check the velocities in each .map file to find the files you need, copy them in a new folder and rename the files so that they are sorted alphabetically in the order you need (edge first then centre then rim).

Hi, make sure to let SDSE install and configure Reaper during setup, it should be ready to use. I'll send you the work in progress version of SDSE with a tentative fix if it happens.

Setup guides and tips / Re: SDX expansions sizes
« on: May 06, 2020, 08:12:10 AM »
Tip for smaller SD cards, or to produce smaller hihats or cymbals to avoid latency when needed:
It's possible to use "Max Tune up" as a way to save space (before exporting in SDSE Options > Convert, or on existing kits with DSound Tuner). It allows to tune up the .dsnd at the cost of reducing the sound quality a bit, but it reduces the .dsnd size as a side effect. A max tune up of 4 reduces the size by about 20%.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Crash issue
« on: May 06, 2020, 07:45:38 AM »
It's possible to use the Sound setting to force different zones to play. Press Kit then Down twice to get to the Kit-Envelope page, select the crash pad. Press Sound to change from "++" or "+++" (if the .dsnd contains 3 zones) to "-+" or "--+" and it should only play the crash.

Thanks for the feedback :)

It's great to hear that it works fine with SSD5.5. For these crash cymbals I would check that they have enough layers. I'll send you a message to investigate.

SDSE 2.9: download

There are some big changes in this version :)
Thanks to edcito, Yannick, Markus, Tim and Jman for testing!

  • support for Steven Slate Drums 5.5 (SSD5.5)
  • 2box: .dsnd files are now converted directly without DSoundTool (Java 64-bit is not needed any more)
  • 2box velocity curve: improved the 2box Editor option, improved curve for articulations with a low maximum volume
  • 2box velocity curve: new VST and DR curves (the 2box Editor option is recommended but you can try the DR curves for a steeper curve that may increase dynamic range)
  • Superior Drummer 3: hit variation and voice and layer are set when using SD3 v3.1.7
  • Steven Slate Drums SSD4, SSD5, SSD5.5: support exporting one-shot samples loaded separately without being layered on kit pieces (preferably on MIDI notes 1-10 or notes used by the main kit)
  • Zones: the Snare Rim velocity switch option can be used with modules other than the 2box DrumIt.
  • Options: faster load/save (for Windows 10 in particular)
  • Options, Advanced: set Release Control to "after render" if you need to use the computer while the files are processed.
  • Export: improved regions set up
  • The 32-bit version is deprecated, please contact me if you need a 32-bit build

I didn't see your message, it will be compatible in the next SDSE version.

SDSE 2.8.6: download

With this update all the current Superior Drummer 3 and EZdrummer 2 expansions are now supported!

  • SD3: support for the Rooms of Hansa SDX (Live Room, Marble Room, Meistersaal, Vocal Booth) - thanks to edcito
  • SD3/EZD2: support for the Action!, Big Band, Dark Matter, Death Metal, Hard Rock, Kicks & Snares, Pop Punk and UK Pop EZX2 expansions
  • SD3 Darkness SDX: fix to export the ride
  • SD3 Darkness, Death and Decades SDX: sort cymbals in crash folder
  • support for Alan Vista Chau Gongs (free)
  • support for REAPER 6.05

Sure I'll send it now. It's also in the SDSE manual here

Thanks for the feedback and the nomination :D
Mixosaurus Drums is not supported but it should be possible to export from it. You can export semi manually from any unsupported VST, I'll send you a mail with the steps.


GGD Periphery IV is not supported, the GGD libraries that are supported are: Halpern v2, Invasion, Modern & Massive. The list of all supported VSTs and sound libraries can be found in the Readme file and on the SDSE page here

Normally SDSE should detect SD2 and configure Reaper so that it finds it. If you have an old "box" version of SD2 on DVD you may need to update to the latest version that can be found on in My Account, My Products, to get the 64-bit version of the SD2 VST plugin. Else if you have a recent version I would run the SD2 plugin installer again and install it in C:\Program Files\VstPlugins (close Reaper, run the SD2 installer, open Reaper and SDSE)

About Parallels, make sure to use the full screen mode, it can't work with the Coherence mode. The VST plugins need to be installed in Windows, but it's often possible to share the sound libraries between the Mac and Windows.

I hope that helps, don't hesitate to send a PM or email if you have any questions.

New version of DrumIt Manager
  • DKit Manager: added local xtalk settings for the new DrumIt OS v1.34.10. In the new OS the LXTR setting is replaced by X-Trg and X-Adj.

SDSE 2.8.4: download

  • SD3: support for the following SDX packs: Darkness, Death, Decades, Indiependent, Orchestral Percussion I, Orchestral Percussion II.
  • Abbey Road/Studio Drummer: improved setting MIDI mapping
  • Zones: the snare rim velocity switch can now be used even when the first articulation is louder than the second articulation.
  • Zones: option to set the maximum amount of articulations for the hi-hat
  • Zones: option to disable exporting the bow articulations or only export the closed bow
  • Zones: option to fit hihat articulations by removing the first and second to most open articulations
  • 2box: fixed issue when saving .dsnd files on Windows 10 set to German

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