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Hi hat problems

Started by surreygraham, August 12, 2022, 12:45:27 PM

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  After much deliberation and web searching I decided to risk a DrumIT 5 mk1  with DrumIT kit which I bought from eBay.

I had spoken to the guy and all seemed good.  However, the kit arrived missing 2 rubber stand feet, the little key for adjusting the rims but most importantly the 'hall sensor' for the hi hat.  I only found this out after trying in vain to 'reset' the hi hat on the module :-)

I'm having trouble getting the hall sensor for the hi hat so considering alternatives.  Does anyone have experience with the Zourman module and which hi hat works with it?  Some people are saying the VH11 but that really costly for me, or do I just need the chance cY5 cymbal?

Or does anyone know where I might be able to source another sensor?

Thanks in anticipation.



So I've found a hi hat from a speed light kit on eBay that I'll try.

Fingers crossed!


I've got a Speedlight hihat on my DI 5 Mk2 and it works nicely. Fingers crossed it's as good on your MK1 Graham.


Did you manage to get the Speedlight hat working on the mk1? I'm in a similar position myself.



The speedlight hh / ctrl works with MKI

Best regards

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