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2Box Drumit 5 and Millenium MPS-1000 hi hat controller won't register

Started by ozterkvlt, December 02, 2022, 05:00:37 PM

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Does anyone know how to set up an off-brand hi hat with the 2Box Drumit 5 MK II module? I have a Millenium MPS-1000 e-kit, and I can't get the hi-hat controller to register.

I've tried turning the RAW calibration knob on the back, but it only responds when I set the hi-hat type to Alesis. No matter the RAW value, the module won't register that I'm pressing down on the hi-hat pedal. I'm using stereo TRS cables.

Is the Drumit 5 module not compatible with Millenium hi hats? I assumed it would work, because you can use third party hi hat controllers like GoEDrum, and the compatibility chart claims they support Millenium, so I'm not sure why the hi hat won't register.

Anyone know how to get it to work?