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Occasional Sound Drop-outs?

Started by Sabian63, August 23, 2022, 10:00:29 PM

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Have a DI5 Mk2 which I love - but a couple of times I have had the module sound just cut out randomly for a few seconds and then come back in. Has anyone had this happen to them? Do you know what makes it happen? I'm struggling to replicate it on purpose. It's very annoying and makes me reluctant to use it in a live setting. Any tips on solving the issue would be gratefully received. fYI I'm running SSD on a 64gb sd card.




What 64 GB SD Card are you using exactly?


SanDisk Ultra 32 GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card up to 48 Mbps


SanDisk Ultra SDHC is pretty old but is well vouched for by experienced users here. I think the various speed ratings they offer are questionable. I much prefer the modern MicroSDs which have the A1 rating on them so I have the certainty of high IOPS and therefore, low access latency. The reliability factor is unfortunately always luck of the draw.

I would download SSD-Z

Run the random access time benchmark and make sure you are getting under 0.5ms on average across the board with no spikes beyond 1ms on that SanDisk Ultra


I seem to have solved this by purchasing a sound card from Anders at Zourman... no drop-outs since. Have to say I am relieved as I thought I might have to purchase an alternative module for live use...


Greetings from Latvia! I (or more precisely - my 2box module) recently started to experience such dropouts - sometimes it's crash which stutters, sometimes snare rolls get dropped out. The SD card was first of my suspected problem. I've tried 3 different 32 GB cards and two of them were more or less stable until recently. What I could think of is some kind of degradation that affects SD cards after certain usage. So thanks to Karbonfaiba I could test them with SSD-Z tool. The problem is I forgot how to interpret access time tests  ;D Could you guys help me and comment if any of them are still usable according requirements or should I replace with new one. Are now 64 GB thought to be usable by 1st gen. DI5 or 32 GB is limit?  The cards are 1) Kingston 32 GB, 2) SanDisk 32 GB Class 4 and 3) Transcend 32 GB [pictures follow]:   
Kingston 32 GB
SanDisk 32 GB Class4
Transcend 32 GB


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