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Top software features that you would like added?

Started by Scottie, February 08, 2010, 11:44:07 AM

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add support for playing with brushes?

Yes! Can't live without it!
46 (29.1%)
No - other features are more important
80 (50.6%)
I don't care - what is this "jazz" thing anyway?
13 (8.2%)
Give Puttenvr a light for his kick drum
19 (12%)

Total Members Voted: 26


Hey friends!

One thing that can be easy (I guess...) to add is separate EQ for each drum channel, instead of sharing the same EQ curve for everything.
A compressor would be great as well.


I'd like the following:

  • Ability to assign a cymbal to Tom 4 (enabling cymbal choke)
  • Compression and other effects (different types or reverb?)
  • Spline function on pad dynamics
  • Sound layering


as a future electronic drummer (old acoustic drummer but living now in an apartment) i'm dreaming of a DRUMIT 6 (or DRUMIT 5 MKIII or DRUMMIT 7 as you wish ) with 2 universal input triggers more, maybe 6 symmetrical outs for professional stage use, comp, para eq and effect send per channel, rooms and plate reverbs (ie Yamaha dtx pro x, but this one still have that horrible gun effect on toms (which is a shame for a brand like Yamaha) and too expensive as it is.
dreamer,nothing but a dreamer  :)


Unfortunately, it seems that 2box will not show anything new. It's a shame I'm their fan. I just registered the Fame module, which is almost the same, just a slightly larger display and box and a different color in the SW editor. Big disappointment, it's a pity they didn't add anything, the control on the module is really pre-flood and inconvenient. 


how is it possible that on the Drumit Five MK2 there is no reverb effect.
I can not believe it.


Here's my take on lack of effects on 2box modules.

Lots of their library sounds, and indeed custom ones, can have reverb/effects burned into the sample. IMHO, this is not ideal, you're better off with a dryer sound and adding it in post.

Now, as like drum sounds, people's tastes in effects vary massively. When I had a 2box set up (2 x drumit3 modules) I had it kicking major butt. I had it multi outputted in to a mixer. Channel list was set up like:
1. Kick
2. snare
3+4 Toms
5. Hihat
6+7 Cymbals

And as such, I added compression, eq and some ambient verb to the drums and reverb to snare. The desk in question was a Behringer X18.

This was a killer set up and if not for the fact a local shop happen to have a Mimic pro in stock, I'd still have it and would have saved £2000. Don't get me wrong, the mimic is immense. But the above set up sounded as good!
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