add support for playing with brushes?

Yes! Can't live without it!
45 (28.8%)
No - other features are more important
79 (50.6%)
I don't care - what is this "jazz" thing anyway?
13 (8.3%)
Give Puttenvr a light for his kick drum
19 (12.2%)

Total Members Voted: 25

Author Topic: Top software features that you would like added?  (Read 142879 times)


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #300 on: November 25, 2012, 06:33:26 PM »
Only a single question: "where are the updates?"


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #301 on: November 25, 2012, 07:13:12 PM »
Only a single question: "where are the updates?"
Latest operating system, new samples, loop library, and 2Box editor .... all here:
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #302 on: November 27, 2012, 05:39:36 AM »
2box wish list

Sorry for the long post, but here we go let's dive in

I used to do sound design in a past life and have had experience with various samplers and drum modules, these are functions I have seen over the years utilized in the past in one form or another since the late 80's  on one or another device, it would be nice to see this available from one device that is a dedicated rum module and not a computer running several different apps at once

Ideally I would like to use this module with other controllers such as the mandala pad, Zendrum, DrumKat or a TrapKat

What I would like for the DrumIT module software:

As a Ddrum4 user (I also use DrumKat, Wavedrum [both versions], and Mandala as well as acoustic drums and percussion) and the fact that this is basically the Ddrum5 with the same technology and almost the same development team that used to be with Clavia before they sold the Ddrum name I would like to see compatibility with the former Ddrum pads especially the cymbals and hihat with the after touch functions that were utilized in the Ddrum module. 

Another function from Ddrum4 would be the after touch ability, it was used on the Dd4 for cymbal choking and on the pads for a mild pitchbend (I think it was a few cents but be able to make it up to a whole pitch, user assignable, and assign upwards or down wards bend to the after touch) this function can also be used on tom/snare pads (by applying pressure with the hand) as a mute or choke function on the drum sample varying the amount of choke (based on % of amplitude, sample length, or a division of BPM or metronome count) and amount of pitch bend by the pressure applied to the pad. Another use for this is that with a real drum the harder you hit the drum the more the head streached and thus it slightly lowers the pitch by a few cents and conversely if you press down on the head with a stick or your hand and then hit the drum the pitch rise slightly as the sound's wave length is now from rim to hand and not rim to rim and is also a choked version of said drum sound. This is of course assuming the module can tell the difference between a held signal and a hit signal from the piezo on the pad and able to process both at the same time

As has been mentioned before, the ability to load additional sounds on other MIDI notes away from the default pad input MIDI Notes that can be accessed from an external MIDI device (such as a TMI, DrumKat, or another Drum Module) for larger kit users, make it so the user can assign such notes as groups of toms, cymbals, hihat or single note

An assignable "B" kit function that is preloaded.  For example kit 1 has  kit 23 as it's B kit that I can instantly switch to via midi command or an assignable button on the module it self

A drop clutch function where, again via midi command and/or a button on the module, I can "drop" the hihat clutch at a predetermined layer ( closed, 25%, 50%, 75%), this opens up the possibility of the HH Pedal to give CC commands that I will bring up later, as well as the foot pedal.

A snare off function, same as before via midi command and/or assignable button on the module, many is a time where you need to switch between 2 snare sounds , snares on and snares off in the same tune, basically this would be a switch between layers (samples) of the assigned pad much like the hihat already does with 5 layers and the cc command from the pedal

Already mentioned by someone else (Nico?) after touch on the pedal as you press down beyond the closed point on the hihat for pitch bend or other functions

The ability to assign hihats to any pad and have the pedal still control the hihat sample, this can be active by user assigning on a drum pad input head=bow or edge, rim= bow or edge on cymbal pad edge=edge, bow=bow,  bell=foot

The ability to assign any type of sample to any pad, realizing the limits of any given pad add the ability to assign what triggers what.  For example for a cymbal sample assigned to a drum pad assign which of the three notes (edge, bow, bell or a combination of two) is triggered by the head and the rim, for a drum sample assigned to a cymbal pad, same thing, head or rim or combination is assigned to edge, bow and / or bell of the pad.

User assignable inputs, any type of pad can be plugged into any input, unless this a physical limitation, this would be useful to those that don't use cymbal pads or use fewer drums and want to add more cymbals or want to use two hihat triggers that are independently controlled by their respective pedals and drop clutch functions

Before I go onto sample manipulation (this is a sampler or at least a sample playback device) I'd like to bring up some clock functions. I wanted to add this as I had already mentioned choke length based on BPM

Have an internal clock (metronome) for various control functions available that is user set by BPM, assigned trigger or midi note input (such as the bass drum, this would allow the function to "move" with the music as the drummer is playing a said tune), or an external midi clock.  The user can divide this up as needed stating with time signature and by note deviation.  For example say I want the timing to be in 4/4 but I want the deviation for a said function to be in 1/8th note triplets and another function in dotted 1/4 notes

Sample functions assignable per  MIDI note number this allows for the rim sample to play differently than the head, this would also apply to edge,bow, bell on cymbals and edge, bow foot on hihat

Since samples are basically digital recordings can we manipulate them as such?  I'm assuming there is a start point and an end point as well as an amplitude (loudness) measurement of the sample it self this would determine some things from here on out ( and also mentioned in the cymbal choke paragraph).  I would like to see these functions available without having to resample either internally or on a computer and reloading the sample back into the module. Also have the ability to apply any combination or all of these to any midi note number

Sample reverse, playback is from end point to start point.

Sample stretch or shrink, playback sample sped up or slowed down without affecting pitch the length is determined by % of sample length, % of sample amplitude or by BPM+deviation setting (from 20% to 3X)

Sample truncate,  sample is cut off from playing all the way to the end point (similar to choke) by % of sample length or amplitude or BPM deviation

Sample bounce, sample plays either from start point to end back to start, or end point to start back to end, this can be combined with the stretch and truncate functions to make for interesting swells or choked echoes

Bit resolution, the ability to playback a sample at a lower resolution that what it is in the module as, for example a 24bit sample played back as though it were in a 8bit sampler

Sample stutter where sample during playback returns to it's start point based on % of length or amplitude or a BPM deviation for a user assignable number of times (1-8) before continuing onto its endpoint. Both length and amount can be also assigned to pedal or velocity a user range for the variable function can be set as a + and/or -  % of said function

Assign the hihat foot function as a choke function to a midi note number and/or after touch as I mentioned before about drum aftertouch to any note number

For hihat pedal controlled samples (there are 5 layers; closed, 25%, 50%, 75%, and open) a pedal inverse function where up is down and down is up so that the layers are inverted as well as the CC message sent for the following functions

CC functions either controllable from the hihat pedal and/or an external CC command source:
The above mentioned sample stretch,compress and truncation where the pedal controls the length based on sample length or amplitude and the CC amount is the % of assigned by the user (10-90%) of the set length or amplitude amount
pitch shift up or down by cent up to 2 pitches in either direction or both where center (50%) is the base note with assignable open and close levels
Sample playback direction (open foward, closed reverse, hold at point at 50%) user assignable and configurable
Sample bit rate playback mix between selected playback and full resolution
Kit A Kit B mix assignable by pad or global (for example open is kit A instrument, closed is kit B instrument and there is a variation on the cross fading between the two dependent on pedal position or CC level)
Effects mix (depth) level assignable either globally, per pad, per MIDI note or Group
Output mix per pad or MIDI note (basically a pan function) left to right or a mixture of the two user programmable
BPM deviation variation with a user assignable range (from sextuplets all the way to whole note)

Now for some basic added effects

Firstly ability to assign effects amount, rate, depth and/or level to any controller function, pedal, after touch, CC, or velocity

Stereo Depth (possibly a delay effect or playback effect) where aurally the perceived stereo depth goes from center to the outer left and right field of hearing perception this can be a CC/pedal function or a fixed assigned value to the sample itself assign to sample Note or globally

Band pass filter with assignable frequency and frequency depth
High pass filter with assignable frequency
Low pass filter with assignable frequency
The filter frequency and depth  is adjustable within a user assignable range by controller functions as well: CC, Pedal, Aftertouch or Velocity

Be able to assign effects either per pad, per note, globally or through an effects send like a mixer where the return can be assigned to any output on the module this way you can have a dry mix and a wet mix that one can send to the mixer for the sound guy to manipulate if need be

I know this is a lot and may be beyond the capabilities of the processor, but I think with the ability to increase the memory via the SD Card to 32gigs at this point these functions might reduce the amount of samples used by the user as the amount of sounds can be increased by sample manipulation.  Also with some of the earlier Aftertouch functions there is more playability as an acoustic drum for those wanting to emulate real drum and finally for those of us that like pushing the boundaries of sound manipulation this can become a great tool for expression without having to rely on a computer.


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #303 on: February 01, 2013, 03:54:11 PM »
i just put some more drumless tracks in my sd card. and i noticed that my wavs are 10 gbs!!!

so all i want to say again is pleaseee add mp3 compatibility. or some other compression format if there are issues with mp3, like ogg ac3 etc, i dont care, as long as i can have compressed audio tracks. i think it is vital. i could have at least 8 giga less data in mp3 was supported.

also  i hope a quick record and play option was available... very very good feautreif we could lets say record 10 minutes of playing and then hear how it sound. even if it is less, it is great.. and some more different counts in the metronome would be awesome!!!
and a way to show the folder structure and not show all sound files in a row!!!!it really helps
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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #304 on: March 20, 2013, 06:52:59 AM »
I haven't read the entire thread but my top 3 would be:

1) Detection to support cymbal swells
2) Hihat transmutting as implemented by Superior drummer 2
3) negative sensitivity adjustment ranges. ( I have the stock 2box pads and I with the sensitivity at 0 and Im maxing them out too easily)  I am able to dial in a better response using these pads on my td20.


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #305 on: September 15, 2013, 04:03:58 PM »
everytime i run across this when i play on my 2box, i think of this thread

please let us rewind the tracks we play so that we can practice on a specific part of a song and not have to start from the beginning, or create a wav with that just part...

(i am frustrated lol)


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #306 on: May 28, 2014, 06:36:58 PM »

1.I would like to be able to "route" the metronom to a pad for easy on/off (including Tap tempo) 8)

2.Regarding loops it would be nice to have Mute Groups.
e.g. Hit pad 1 Loop1 starts
Hit pad 2 loop2 starts and kills Loop1..... :rock:

Best regards


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #307 on: November 23, 2014, 11:26:59 AM »
possibility to dock an extern 256 GB SSD via USB 3 to use tons of Samples and MP3...

and... btw ... did puttnvr got his BD-light? :rock:



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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #308 on: December 19, 2014, 06:59:40 PM »
I have still 2x bass drum lights, 2x mk1 kick foam + 2x mk1 backplate (2box logo) for sale.
if someone is interested give me a pm.


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #309 on: November 13, 2015, 03:46:05 PM »




**All in All the thing I would like the most above everything mentioned in this thread woul dbe sampls samples samples!! Newly recorded beautifully sounding high end kit no expense spared samples. If I could only have one change it would be to concentrate on the continuation of high end dry and mildly ambient samples

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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #310 on: June 10, 2016, 04:31:30 PM »
My wish list:

1. Room Reverb Impulse Response support. Would allow us to use close mics on each of our kit pieces then change from studio sound to arena sound at will. This is done all the time in actual recording situations (especially for guitar cabinets). Would be a killer feature. Imagine playing your own drums in any number of world class studio rooms.

2. Better editor for making DSNDs and adjusting kit settings.

3. Trigger specific effects and processing (noise gate, compression, eq).


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #311 on: July 06, 2016, 02:30:25 PM »
I know we're exhuming and ancient thread here... I hope someone might actually read this!

Here are a couple things that would really rock my 2Box world:

-Reverb as an available effect (with controllable parameters, maybe even a few types- room, hall, plate perhaps)
-Better EQ control (frequency selection for low and high bands, and variable Q for all three bands), and the ability to EQ each of the outputs separately.
-Ability to assign sounds (with all available editing parameters) to MIDI notes OTHER than the pad inputs, for midi triggering from multi-pads, etc.
-CRUCIAL: separate volume control for zones (ride bell vs. ride bow, etc.)

All of these features are common to various other drum modules, so I don't believe they are outlandish.  Thanks for considering!



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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #312 on: July 17, 2016, 10:43:23 PM »
compatible with the ddrum .mid format - I wrote Clavia they don't care or support it, ddrum makes acoustics.

Did you figure out a way to load Ddrum 4 sounds onto the module? If not, there's an easy way if you'd like to know. Personally, it will expand all your sounds but Ddrum sample are no way as rich as the 2box sounds you can download. First up they're all sampled in Mono, side by side, you'll notice a massive difference. Also, the maximum of layers was only 8, you'll notice that playing too I'd think.


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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #313 on: October 23, 2016, 10:10:59 PM »
I would like to see the ability to assign notes for each bow, edge, bell etc. I had to find a separate program just so I could assign http://www.2box-forum.com/Smileys/default/drum1.gifthe notes to EzDrummer 2's respective  sounds to trigger them correctly. The way it is currently is pretty stupid if you ask me, because you only have control over the first note, and the go in order.

I think the samples on many of 2 box's kits unnaturally die off near the end of the sample's ring out. It is almost like a gate is shutting down on the sample too early before it should have done so.

I agree get some deals with good VST based software companies, so you can have amazing kit sounds.

I use my 2 box with Ezdrummer, but I couldn't figure out how to get the 2 box module, and EzDrummer to choke right together, for instance in EZD2 the choke is a actual sound, that has a definite start sound, but Drumit 5 is more like a cut of of the previous sound played (more like a gate clamping down on the previous sound).

Try to get EZdrummer 2 too create 3 layer cymbal samples, with proper choking.



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Re: Top software features that you would like added?
« Reply #314 on: April 05, 2021, 11:45:20 PM »
I would like an alternate zone setting please.

It would work by alternating through all zones on a dsnd instrument, when only the head zone is triggered.

Example 1: kick sound: ++_ = would alternate between head and rim in sequence. [A B A B A B]
This would make double kick drums sound more authentic when a left and right kick sample is available. Both cannot be merged into a single zone because 2box round robin doesn't alternate samples in sequence, so alternating zones is the best solution while keeping a single input for kick.

Example 2: loop sound: +++ = would play a music loop / chord sequence with available zones. [A B C A B C]
4 zones / loops would be ideal here for progressive chords