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Sidestick snare with SDSE

Started by Sibblon, November 20, 2020, 07:10:19 PM

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Hey guys, I would like to import side sticks snare sounds to my DI3 module from SSD 5.5, obviously I'm using SDSE, but I'm just not getting it, Does someone have a clue about how to get them?
By the way, stay safe guys and keep bothering neighbors ;D


Hi Sibblon,

You can select your preferred snare sounds in SDSE Options > Zones
To export the sidestick sound as the second snare zone you can set the Snare Rim option to sidestick (click on rim and select sidestick instead). If the sidestick is not available in the sound library you're exporting from it will fall back to rim.
You can also set it to export both the sidestick and rim as the second dsnd zone and switch from the sidestick to the rim sound after a certain percentage (to do this, set Snare Rim to sidestick, rim and 85% for instance)
If you have a 3 zones snare pad and a DrumIt 3 or DrumIt 5 MKII you can set it to export to a 3 zones .dsnd with head/sidestick/rim (set Snare Rim to sidestick, rim, and "-")
There's also a setting to export an additional snare articulation as a second .dsnd if you'd like to export a regular snare and have the sidestick as a separate .dsnd (in this case keep Snare Rim set to rim, check Snare articulations and set it to sidestick)

I hope that helps!


Merci bcp Lustar, you are the man I absolutely love your apps.