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No vdrums for me atm

Started by Dänoh, November 03, 2013, 06:50:18 PM

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It appears I can't acces at the moment.
FF is giving me a strange kind message:

"Redirection error:
the accessed website redirects the inquiry in a way, that it can never be ended.
This problem can occur when cookies are being rejected"

I'm not the only one, am I...
What is Alan working on?


He has many issues with the update, not working for me either. Feel sorry for the guy because it is a great forum.
2Box Drumit 5 Mk2 since 2012


Yep....looks like it may be  time for a complete overhaul...the upgrade seems to really suck so far. I'm sure  it's really frustrating....especially since they made him upgrade to new version because they were  stopping support of the  older least that's my understanding of the debacle...though it does seem to up and running at the moment.


Vdrums is working, more or less (slow on posting) but the start location changed.
2Box Drumit 5 Mk2 since 2012


Today is an akward day.
I can't even post a simple message reading 'test test test' on the vdrums-forum.
Would have some replies ready, but the posts are not 'going through'....


My 'rich-text editor' crapped out. No luck in posting today!

If 'Greg the Groove' reads here:

Hey, Greg, fantastic demo!
That K Custom china is mean beast, and the Gretsch maple snare on kit number 3 is just sweet, sweet, sweeet!

Keep 'em coming!  8) :rock:



don't know 'bout you, but on my end it's literally "raining Synthax-errors all day...."
Had about five replies ready to post - None of 'em went through!

....Feels a tad disappointing!  :(   >:(   :(


Ladies and Gentlemen,
"Rien ne va plus!"

- I'm basically down to read-only (or PM) on !


JSON-issues make life akward for me!

I've contacted Alan directly via PM, because I can't post in the 'vB5 Discussion Thread'.
I'm hoping he can do his php-tweak-thing magic once more!  8)