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LiveBPM for IOS and Android

Started by Murgen, October 12, 2013, 12:46:50 PM

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Lately I started rehearsing in a rock cover band. I learned about this App and I use in my drum cabin for practice and during the rehearsals. it uses the mic to measure the BPM. It is cool to sort out a song you hear fast and it is cool to keep pace without using a click, it is much more flexible then a click (just check the display which also plots a graph showing your stability. I have no commercial interest in the App, just want to tell you about this very useful App.

My drum mentor tested it against a professional tempo-ref and it is very precise (and a challenge to play on 120.00 instead of 120 BPM). Keep drumming!
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Thanks for the info on this app ... Somehow this one slipped past my attention.  Gracias!!