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Deutsch / Re: Modul verstummt
June 29, 2022, 12:53:10 PM
Hi, ist zwar schon älter der Thread, aber ich habe das selbs Problem seitdem ich die Firmware 1.40 draufgespielt habe. Ich habe außerdem den SD-Kartenmod vorgenommen. Somit könnte es auch noch an der deutlich größeren Karte (64gb) liegen. Es trat bei mir auch nur bei langen Loops auf bisher.
Hast Du auch einen sd-Karten-Mod gemacht?
VG Björn
I run the 1.40 on my 2box three. Everything works as before with the 90 standard kits. But I noticed the volume of the cym 1 was less than before for all kits.

I also downloaded the Dirk Sengotta Sound-Pack. I put it as a folder on the SD Card. With 1.37 Firmware some of the sounds were distorted. With 1.40 all sounds work. With the long loop there were some problems when playing with the module not reacting to input, but "off and on" cold-start worked. Not ready for stage though.

I really hope that there will be an official update from 2box.

Greetiungs Björn
e-drum DIY / modifications / Re: Drumit 3 Card Mod
June 29, 2022, 06:54:20 AM
The sd card mod is really easy.

I brought this extension:
BCZAMD 48cm SD Karten Verl?ngerungskabel SD SDHC Karte zu SD-Karten Extender Adapterkabel f¨¹r 3D-Drucker/Raspberry Pi/GPS/TV ¡­

and this 64gb card:
SanDisk Ultra 64GB SDXC Speicherkarte, von bis zu 120 MB/s, Class 10, UHS-I, V10

and had it working in less than an hour.

I cloned the internal 4gb card via partition wizard. The program asked automaticly, if i would like to add the unused space to the partition.

Greetings Björn
General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Drumit 3
June 29, 2022, 06:45:20 AM
The sd card mod is really easy.

I brought this extension:
and this 64gb card:
and had it working in less than an hour.

Greetings Björn