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Drumit 3

Started by 0127frey, June 15, 2022, 01:06:04 AM

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I'm just wondering if anyone might know,Well i sent for and got a 32gb SD Card from the makers in Sweden that supply 2Box with SD Cards,So is it possible now to replace the original card in my Drumit 3,and update it without having to remove the card,or having to have it mounted outside


Beware, do any edits (OS or sound files) to the card before putting into the drumit3. DO NOT use the USB port. It would be bad, not "crossing the streams" level of bad, but bad for the module.

I seriously recommend the SD card reader modification, Anders (one of the forum members) can hook you up via his Zurmman drums website.
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I asked a friend to do one cut on the side of the box, using à CNC machine. The card is now very easy to access and I don't need the external cable and adaptor. I don't know how to add a picture on the topic...  ::) so you ca follow this link :