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Topics - drumsonly2002

Is anyone using the Roland FD-9 high hat pedal with the MK-2? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
Ordered a Triggit trigger 2 months ago, still unavailable. Like the sighting of the Sasquatch, rare and elusive. Does anyone know any music store in Canada that stock these? Buying from the UK imposes $40.00 shipping, buying from the U.S. has custom charges plus shipping.  Thanks.
The Steven Slate snares sound great. Do they sound good in 2 box? Wonder if it is worth buying the program. Any samples that sound close to the S. Slate snares? Getting my module ready for the spring-summer gigging season. My gear is used live. Any and all suggestions appreciated.
I am a big DDrum 4 fan and user. Migrated to the 2 box and played several live this weekend with 2 box. Using JBL EON G2 Powered 15" speaker as monitor, so it is my only reference as per the sound quality and dynamics. Very pleased. No false triggering, great dynamics and fantastic access with on the fly adjustments using the module. I have used modules from 1982 Simmons SDS 7  to Roland, Alesis and Yamaha in the past. When attaining a DDrum module using it live, no turning back. Triggering, dynamics and sounds great for shows. The 2 box is that and more. Almost bought a TD 25 but prefer the approach DDrums and 2 Box towards E Drums. Other than the 2 Box wall wart, (will replace with a better aftermarket solution), it is a 5-star product. The fun is just starting as I have yet explored the VSTI strengths of this module. Thanks to the great members of this forum such a JMan and puttenvr who I have the honor of associating with on other forums in the past, steering me in the right direction.
Trying out a monitor (small PA) last night and the sound man noticed the samples can be EQ'd in the module. he tweaked the settings a bit and the snare sounded better. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice or tips with improving sounds using the EQ? Thanks.
The power adaptor is running hot and not feeling warm and fuzzy as per it's quality. Any aftermarket units that are better quality and do not run hot? Thanks.
Migrated from DDrum 4 to 2 Box due to the DDrum 4 becoming unreliable. the DDrum 4 is a great module though I have 3 broken units. Nonetheless, very pleased with the factory sounds, layering and dynamics of the 2 Box. So.. are VSTI's much better than factory sounds in a live situation? Second question, how do I save kits and triggering settings? Is BDF the preferred VSTI? All suggestions welcomed.
To go from 2box with drums, cymbals etc. with an out assigned to each drum, going into a computer for recording what gear works the best? Want to record the drums, give the track with drums to be mixed with other music. The guy wants control over each drum with regards to mixing. Mentioned he was using Garage band, pro tools and a Mac. The idea he gives me the main tune and I supply the drum tracks. What gear would work good with this. Thanks.
General chit-chat / Joining 2 Box VST Club soon.
October 24, 2015, 03:36:07 AM
Used DDrums live for the last 5 years. Two of my modules failed probably age related. Impressed with Rolands TD-25 but before taking them out of the store thought I would revisit this forum and see what 2 Box has to offer. With some useful advice from JMan, the VST, and triggering aspects of 2 Box got me hooked. Found a company in Canada that ordered me a module thus hopefully by mid November I will be building a kit using 2 Box. Will be using it live with triggered acoustic drums mesh heads. Really enjoyed using DDrums for dynamics and sound and hoping 2 Box will out perform sonically my trusty Ddrum unit. Very impressed with Rolands TD-25, they have come a long way, but still hampered by lack of VST abilities. Positional sensing is a moot point vs VST useage. Hopefully VST is a bag of chips and dip as I could have bought a used DDRum module, as the onboard sounds, triggering and dynamics of the DDrum is great sounding live. Watching JMans Y Tube video's f the VST / 2 Box convinced me I am making a wise choice. In Nova Scotia, Canada it's Roland / Yamaha being sold via Music Stores thus 2 bx unmentioned. Been playing E Drums since the Simmons SD-7 days. I will have a few questions to ask once I get rolling, until then glad to be here.
As a DDrum 4 user, I am attracted to 2Box since the triggering, sounds and unit have the best build and technology bar none. Was told a Mac Computer or Muse Receptor with software sound better than any E Drums be it DDrums, 2Box, TD-20 etc. I never used VST samples and have not compared the two. I am very impressed with my humble retro DDrum module, but as with anything, if 2Box better, or VST, may move in that direction. For example, a mac computer can handle as many samples pending hard drive size. With all this being said, I am into 1-2 good snare samples, 1-2 Tom samples, etc. Not a power user, as I believe less is more. Thus could potentially blow a lot of funds just to get a snare a "bit" better than what I have now. I use my e kit live, so try to keep my it simple sample / kit wise. I am not into a 100 different kits, just the best sound for live gigs. Triggering, dynamics and sound is my focus. Reverbs and gimmics such as my Yamaha DTX Extreme 4.0 kit doesn't turn me on vs the  DDrum 4's great triggering and dynamics abilities. Is the VST technology worth looking into? I cannot imagine VST's sounding better than 2Box as it's samples are higher fidelity quality vs DDrum (that sounds very nice also). Thanks for any responses.
Anyone know how to reset a DDrum SE4 back to factory pre set? Thank you.
Other e-drum systems / Blast from the Past
September 15, 2010, 02:33:41 AM
Bought a vintage DDrum Plus Sound modules in a rack for a keepsake. Waiting for it to arrive. Appears to be 60% analog, 40% digital. Something nice to have, a peace of DDrum history. Never seen, nor heard one live, has anyone ever owned or played such? Did the guys creating Drumit 5 have a hand in devoloping it? Any history on this would be great as nothing much written about it is on the net. It's a shame the history of such a unit is not recorded. Any one with any info please share. My goal is to put a web page dedicated to vintage Ddrums and how it progressed to the amazing Drummit 5. Be nice to get the names and history of those who devoloped DDrums, then leading to Drummit 5. People are amazed when I tell them my DDrum Se 4 kit was made in Sweden, thus of the highest quality. Any information well appreciated.
Is it possable to use the Drummit 5 module with other pads? I have more pads than my sticks can hit. DDrum mesh pads, Yamaha pads, Roland pads, acoustic shells with mesh heads and triggers Whew! Thus, if I can use what I have, it would enable me to just get the Drummit module vs kit, as I have enough e gear for 3 kits at present.
  If I get the module alone, what are the restrictions ie High hat? Can that be made to work? Cymbals, any problem triggering them with DDrum pads?
   Any comments well appreciated.
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Where to buy in Canada?
August 31, 2010, 10:02:29 AM
Called L & M in Halifax N.S. about Drumit but no joy. Was told they carry Yamaha and Roland and that's it. Any suggestions where one can buy ni Canada? Thank you.
At present using Ddrum4 SE and find it triggering / dynamics exceptional. The samples are 16 bit apparently. But, 24 bit samples are a better sample rate, also mean better dynamics than the Ddrum unit? I would guess the quality of Drumit sound is better. How about dynamics? Any Ddrum converts here? Thank you