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Is anyone using the Roland FD-9 high hat pedal with the MK-2? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
Same problem. I lubed it with electrical contact cleaner. The card can be removed easily now.
Jman was very passionate about e drums. A great loss indeed as he was a joy to have on the forum. I enjoyed the items he manufactured and his sharing of knowledge. He is missed.

My two cents worth. I use d-3 for gigs prior to CV-19. Having the ability to load sounds is like going to a candy shop to pick and choose what I like. I was never a big fan of the TD-12 but Roland has improved with the newer modules. No offence to Roland but drummit has been ahead of many in terms of sounds and open source. I am impressed with the Roland TD 25.

I am more of a DYI hands-on type, thus I enjoy my D-3. I use Roland gear with my module.
Welcome! Greetings from Canada.
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Where are you peeps?
August 16, 2020, 10:51:35 PM
I check in 2 x per week but haven't offered much in posting. CV-19 stopped my gigs and work has taken all my time and energy. nonetheless I enjoy the forum, and do not have much interest in Roland as I  do not own any Roland modules. Have an interest in Mimic Pro but the price is way beyond my reach and enjoy my 2 Box sound.

Appreciate your post as I feel the same as you. This forum and 2 Box go hand in hand along with the excellent members. 
That is one great demo!
Compared to Drummit 3, sonically how does it compare? When mentioning better trigger settings could you elaborate a bit more Thank you.
I really like what you did. Excellent! How does the snare trigger? Can you get ghost notes accurately? Thinking of doing this to my snare. The kit looks great.
Have the old MK-2 unit. Worthwhile to upgrade? All comments welcomed.
Ordered a Triggit trigger 2 months ago, still unavailable. Like the sighting of the Sasquatch, rare and elusive. Does anyone know any music store in Canada that stock these? Buying from the UK imposes $40.00 shipping, buying from the U.S. has custom charges plus shipping.  Thanks.
I own an Alesis 4. The sounds are nice less the machine gunning that the module reproduces. I wonder if those samples put in a 2 box would machine gun. I haven't the time nor patience to try it out at this point in time. I havn't used the Alesis module in years.
  I played gigs with the Alesis 5. Added reverb to the snare and it sounded killer. Machine gunning was a big downside to those modules. I owned the Alesis D4, D5 and Pro. The Pro had more hip hop sounds vs traditional sounds. Sold the Alesis 5, the Pro broke down (I gigged with it for a while), and the 4 got shelved for a Yamaha DTX Treme 2. The DTXtreme got shelved for DDrum 4 SE. The old ddrum 4's blow away the old DTXtreme2's. The ddrum se broke, so i bought 2 x ddrum 4's. After the second ddrum 4 broke, I lost the faith in used ddrum modules and went 2 box drummit 
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Power Fried
February 13, 2019, 08:17:43 PM
That is very disappointing.  I use a drumit 5 live also. Had a ddrum 4 go down during a gig. Had a backup unit (have 3 x ddrum 4 units), and finished the show. Had 2 x ddrum4 units go down thus only one remaining unit working.  Lost faith in buying used ddrum 4 modules. After that bought the drumit 5. Use the remaining working ddrum 4 se as a back up. Going to order an extra power supply for the drumit 5.

Once bitten twice shy. I prefer electronics sound wise verses acoustic drums, especially in smaller venues. Thinking of getting a Pearl Mimic Pro but in Canada, they are $3450.00 taxes in. A drumit module is around $1500.00 taxes in.

Did the bad power supply cause the caps to fail? The old ddrum modules were really well built and sound great but when the electronics get old they die. I actually prefer the ddrum 4 over the drumit, but it may be more nostalgia verses logic.

I refuse to buy Roland and find Yamaha lacking in the layering / dynamics as I own a DTXtreme 2 and prefer the ddrum and drumit 5 over it soundwise and dynamic wise. I prefer Yamaha over Roland though. 2 Box got them both beat IMHO.

I am phobic about module failure and have a back up module just in case. Acoustic drums would solve that problem, but prefer the sonic fidelity of e drums. 

The Steven Slate snares sound great. Do they sound good in 2 box? Wonder if it is worth buying the program. Any samples that sound close to the S. Slate snares? Getting my module ready for the spring-summer gigging season. My gear is used live. Any and all suggestions appreciated.