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Various drum gear

Started by ddrum4se, May 02, 2011, 10:58:30 AM

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Hi All,

I am thinking about a complete clean out of my drum gear assembled over the years.

This decision is based upon me pretty much only using the acoustic drums I have had for 30 years or so.

I thought I would throw it out here first and see if there is any interest - and then follow up thereafter - I am UK based in the West Midlands, so some of the gear might have to be pick up only, or carriage extra.

I expect I will keep my Roland TD20 K expanded, and ddrum4se cast precision kits, but who knows -

So here goes -

Remo Arbiter Flats Pro Drums - 20" bass, 13" tom, 14" tom
Yamaha chrome over steel snare
Tama Imperial Star Bass Drum 22" x 16"
Box of vintage Zildjian cymbals (22" A Ride, 16" K Crash,  2x 15" Amir Crash, 8" A Splash, 14" A Hi Hats) - some provenance with these as they were used on all the Cynic (UK) early recordings, including the 1983 Suicide Single, 1982 Do or Die demo etc
Tama Iron Cobra RG Dual Pedal Boxed.
Tama Iron Cobra Single pedal boxed.
Boom Theory Space Muffin e-drums, 22" Bass, 14" Snare, 13" Rack tom - works with my TD20 and ddrum4 se brains, and I posted some pics here on "other drum pads" thread - Al, at Boom Theory could manaufatcure a 16" FT to match - I just never got around to it.
Pair of Smarttrigger Hi Hats, plus junction box and Hi Hat controller box, also discussed here on one of the Hardware threads.
Set of Line Bells.
Set of three joined cow bells.

I think that is it - I guess PM if anything takes your fancy and I can get some photo`s and have a chat about it?