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Unofficial DDrum forum in case you didn't know....

Started by Jman, March 16, 2011, 01:26:05 AM

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Thought I'd throw up a link ... the former unofficial DDrum forum shut down quite a while back ... sometime after Ed from Drumbalaya sold his eDrum store and gave up the forums ... not sure people knew that Sam (otacon 28) a big DDrum fan ... set up a newer unofficial DDrum forum a while back:

I also put a link up to this forum over there ... it is "all in the family" ... so to speak.... ;D
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)


Nice one, thanks jman. It's all good - it's not a competition after all :)

I'll "sticky" your link!


Hello guys.... anyone has the Steve Sidelnik signatures sound? 


Wow.. Found this site by accident. I have an original ddrum2 kit I purchased somewhere around 1986 or so. I later purchased a ddrum4 module and some cast pads as well.

I still play the ddrum4 kit with the cast pads.

I recently purchased some ddrum chrome elite triggers for my acoustic kit (1982 Ludwig kit I also purchased new).. My intent is to use the ddrum2 module with the triggers to layer sounds and also to record midi.

For recording I use cakewalk sonar with Addictive Drums 2. The ddrum2 module will be excellent for midi triggering the AD2 sounds.

In looking for an online manual for my ddrum2 module, I came across this site. I have the printed manual in a file cabinet some where but easier to find one online!

At any rate, I had no idea about 2box or the history, but this is a possibility when/if I finally retire my ddrum4 kit. I am not a big fan of the r**d kits or the y**a kits!! Haha. The ddrum4 kit at more than 20 years old is as good!

So, this is a great find!! Happy drumming and glad there are ddrum guys still around and even more happy there is someone updating the technology. It was always a shame to me that the company that bought ddrum basically abandoned the edrum tech.


From what I understand the engineers left ddrum and started up 2box.


That's what I read as well. Gives me confidence in the 2box stuff! Nothing I've ever played has been the equal of the ddrum in terms of dynamics and feeling like a real kit.

Long live 2box if they are building on the technology from the original clavia ddrum!


Have you never tried a well set-up 2box kit? I've never played (or seen) a ddrum setup myself. But I love playing my 2box kit, it's just like a real kit. Man I had a lot of fun tonight playing stuff from Pearl Jam's Rearview mirror. Arms are now sore :D


I have not. I never heard of 2box until today! From what I read it's basically a ddrum5! Which has to be awesome. Sounds like you got a good work out, happy drummin'


Yeah you could say it's what the Ddrum 5 would have been. I suppose the "5" in the name was in part a nod to fans of the Ddrum brand to spark interest. It certainly did with me which is what lead me to buy one.

As for chrome elite and the ddrum2 to trigger from your acoustic drums, I would have though the Ddrum4 was more equipped to do this as it's got proper acoustic trigger algorithms in the "trig" part. I triggered acoustic drums from a Ddrum4 in 2004 and had wonderful results, all apart from kick drum with a double pedal. Though I suspect if I had deadened the kick drum down with a pillow it would have been fine. But toms and snare were superb!
Plus, the Ddrum4 can send out 8 midi notes (if my memory serves me right) per channel, though this might be more if you're using the cast precision pads with position and pressure sensitivity.
Still a great module, 20 years on.
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


An update. I never got the triggering to work correctly with the ddrum2 module and chrome triggers. So I wound up moving my ddrum4 module over to my acoustic kit to use with the triggers.

After a bit of tweaking, it works perfectly. I've been using the ddrum chrome triggers and the ddrum4 module in live shows to layer with my acoustic kit. You have to make sure the sensitivity is set correctly to prevent double triggers, but all in all works very well.

I'm now probably in line for an upgrade to either a 2box drumit 5 or maybe wait for the new drumit 3 or at this point maybe wait to see if they come out with a drumit 6. All of these sound like they would be an incredible upgrade to my kit.