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2box five snare rubber replacement

Started by jean71, September 03, 2023, 05:09:18 PM

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Hello all,
after almost 10 years with this fantastic edrum I am forced to sell it because I'm moving in a new,smaller house.
So I'm trying to sell it, but a possible buyer noticed my ruined rubber ring in the original orange snare, and asked me about current availability of these kind of I make this forum that question: do you know a e-store where I (he!) could find replacements for our old 2box five drum kit, expecially those rubber rings?


I got some small rubber rings off ebay, they weren't the exact same ones but they were close enough and did the job. The trouble can come if the hook on the plastic inner ring has broken off so the rubber ring cannot attach, then it's a little trickier. The person that bought my kit off me had a few like this but I did get around that with the use of small elastic bands, but it's hard to describe what I did. I basically looped it over, then under and hooked that to the metal frame.
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