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2box speedlight hi-hat optical?

Started by Gerardo, November 13, 2022, 08:32:52 PM

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The 2box speedlight hi-hat controller (model 2.022), is optical, or magnetic?


I am 99% sure it's magnetic running on the original 2box trigger preset. I tried one out think it was last year, it feels very much like the ATV hihat. The caveat is though its single zone triggering only the bow (or maybe the edge.. can't remember) articulation, but felt lovely to play on.
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It is a magnet based hi-hat. I made the evaluation for 2box once upon a time. :-)

There is an optical version available from the same manufacturer as have created the hh for 2box. (But this doesn't work on 2box natively - on the todo list to determine if it can be used with 2box)

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