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Additional cymbals

Started by Chaosinside777, July 28, 2022, 03:22:25 PM

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Hi there,
I'm Andy from Austria and my drummer (who is not really into gear at all) has recently bought a 2box Drumit5 Mk2 module, which he is using with Jobeky Snare/Tom Triggers and Roland VH-13 Hihat and a few other Roland cymbal pads.

The module does a great job, but we would love to include a second (closed) Hihat to the setup.
Kick, Snare, Hihat, Tom1,Tom2,Tom3    Inputs are in use
Crash1 is already using the Tom4 Input
Crash2 is Cymbal1
Ride     is Cymbal2
China   is Cymbal3

I have read in the manual, that it is possible to increase the amount of pads with the "more" button, if you turn (we won't do that with the snare) the stereo-toms into mono toms without rim-function. As this would be a no-brainer for my drummer (he never uses the rim of his toms)
But we don't have the intention to increase the amount of toms - in fact, we want to get another stereo-input channel for a closed Hihat
If we take the toms 1 and 2, for example and connect them with a TRS to dual mono cable, Is it possible to set a panorama and extra volume for the toms, when they sit on the same channel?
Because it would be a shame, if Tom1 and 2 would have to share the same volume and panorama settings!

I have seen many pictures of drummers having more the the 3 cymbals and 2 Hihats without using 2 modules - but I just don't know how it is done.

Any advise would be helpful,

Best Regards,
Andy from Chaos Inside
Progressive-electronic Metal made in Austria


Splitting inputs is absolutely possible. I'm using 4x Hosa YPP-117

Do read the manual, but yes, pressing More + the input, then changing the instrument is how it's done.

I would recommend you reserve cymbal inputs for actual cymbals (with edge switches) as only those 3 channels support aftertouch. e.g. 3x CY-15R for Cymbal1-3 would be the optimum setup as that's 3 zones for each cymbal with aftertouch.

Only split Toms input 1-4 with the splitters = 1-zone tom and 1-zone cymbal.

I've added a china, splash, cowbell and xhat this way.


Thank you for your advice.
The only problem is, that we route the group outs for FoH and recording purpose, like

Bassdrum   Sub 1
Snare         Sub2
Toms          Sub3/4
Cymbals.     Sub5/6
Hihats/Ride Sub 7/8

If we split the Toms with mono cymbals, can I still route the cymbals via Sub5/6 or are they automatically bound to the Tom sub out 3/4?
Do you have the extra possibility to pan the cymbals or is the position of the stereo image bound to the channel?
The manual doesn't say anything about it.

As our music is usually Metal, we play in a lot of locations, where real drumsets are used, and we want to give the engineer proper control over the groups as well ad we want that for our recordings.

If there is a way to set different panorama settings for the rim triggers of the toms, that would be the greatest thing
ever. :-)

Deve Loper

Hi. When you split toms or snare, you access them by holding More + Tomx or Snare.
Set the trigger type for the split ch on Unit - Trig page.
Set the sound on Kit - Drum.
Each can be individually panned on Kit - Vol.
Each can be routed as you want om Unit - Intf.
Remember to check More button is lit up.

Cheers, Deve.


Thank you so much for this information!!!!


Quote from: Chaosinside777 on July 30, 2022, 04:19:25 PM
Thank you so much for this information!!!!
Last weekend we splitted the Channels Tom1/Tom2 and put 4 Toms in mono with insert cables, and everything worked out great! So we got 2 additional stereo channels for a Crash and the China.
Cymbal One is now  a fully chokeable Crash, Cymbal 2 has become the Ride and Cymbal 3 was intended to be a closed Hihat.

As there is no way to calibrate the Hihat on the Cymbal Channel, is there a possibility to get the sound of an almost completely closed hihat (so, that it's "crispy", when hit)?
We have a Yamaha RHH-135, that we want to use as a closed Hihat, do you have any suggestions?
I thought about fixing the Roland VH-13 Hihat and recording samples to re-import the Dsnd-file back to the Cymbal 3 channel. But as I can hear, there are MANY dynamic steps in the 2-box Hihat.

Thank you for your help!




I'm getting some problems with adding more sounds/crashes.

I'm using a stereo Y splitter, and every cable is stereo too.

I'm on a 5MK1 (and I love it) with last OS.

I tried pressing the more button and the tom1 (I also tried with hitting the tom or the rim or the crash I wanted to add with or without the more button pressed), then I change trigger settings and sound settings (switching from ++ to -+) and also tried to change sounds.

More + tom1 on trigger let me change to different trigger settings from the tom1
More + sound settings give me a + (or sometimes -)
More + sound give me a blank part of the screen, then I rotate the knob and I select a sound

But the extra crash sounds only like the tom, like the center of the tom, not the rim.
Sometimes the rim sounds like the extra sound, but I was never been able to have the crash to sound the way I want (supposedly like the rim with changed sound).

The only way to play the extra sound is with the more button and the first left upper button, while the tom1 is lightening.

I also tried to use a mono cable (didn't got two of them at the moment), switching the cables that enter to the Y splitter (mono or stereo of course), using mono cable for the tom or the crash...
I also tried other cymbals and a roland trigger bar.
Nothing worked.
The crash I tried are the basic roland but I have 3 of them.

Can you please help me troubleshooting this?
Where am I wrong?
Or is the option to add more pads using this trick specifically for 5MK2?

Thanks for your help!


Hi best BaoRozzp!

I think this have been discussed earlier in another post:

In general - you can only split triggers using the Tom inputs by using Padpp settings (not on the cymb inputs which are locked to piezo/switch)

The sound split need to done by editing mix and match the dsnd file in Lustark DrumIt manager and the DSound Manager. You can create a dsnd file which will give you a Tom sound on the main trigger and a Cymbal sound on the rim trigger.

Hope this brings some light into the issue.

Best regards
Anders /
Sonor Safari, Pearl Crystalbeat, Zourman Triggers, Roland & Triggera, 2box Cymbals & HH, RT-10, KT-10, BT-1, VH-11/12/13, ATV hh, KT-10, 14C/13R/15R, PCY-155, MD, 2Box 5 MK1&II & 3, DD4SE, Pearl ButtKicker Addictive Drums 2.1.14, all ADPaks moved to 2box, Zourman Conversion Gears


First, thanks for the kind reply.

Second... as I understand there's no way to split the sounds using only the 5Mk1, right?
Or is it achievable in some ways?

Because I was considering adding these extra sound if it was a little bit more easier.
I have 20 kits with different sounds each to edit, because I'm having a kit with each it's own settings and sounds tied to the song I play with my band.

Maybe it's just that I'm lazy, LOL