One year since the passing of e-drum DIY pioneer Jman!

Started by ANGR77, May 16, 2021, 02:42:26 PM

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Quote from digitalDrummer/Allan Leibowitz today: Hard to believe that it's been a year since the passing of e-drum DIY pioneer and general good guy, Jerry Lange field. RIP big guy.
If you missed it, here's the tribute digitalDrummer published a year ago:

A personal note - Jman is really missed on all e-drum forums, we can only remember a great guy and his great ideas. (I still owns one of Jmans electric Moo (Cowbell trigger) and it works great after all years!)

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Yep, couldn't have said it better.. This place for example is defo a lot quieter than it was when Jman was around. But it seemed like he was on every edrum page and forum.

I expect we'll still be talking about him in years to come.
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According to his profile on the ddrum forum, today is Jman's birthday. He would be 67.

Candle #1 lit. Can we get 67?
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Happy Heavenly Birthday my friend Jman. You were a good dude all the way around unlike some other fakers who copied your ideas and then tried to take credit for it. You never said anything about one faker in particular because that wasnt your way. But you shared the truth with me. We had some good laughs about it though!


dear Jman ... you always had a word of help for everyone, your videos and suggestions opened me a world on the potential of 2box.
66 years old ... too young to leave, but we are not allowed to know how and when to do it ... thanks for everything again Jman.


I did not drum for 2 years due to healt problems but i  play drums again.  and now i  am reading that Jman is not with us enymore for 2 years now. i had a lot of talking with him on email and bougt some gear from him. rest in peace jman.


Yep, still felt across the edrum community to this day. The man left a huge legacy.
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Jman was very passionate about e drums. A great loss indeed as he was a joy to have on the forum. I enjoyed the items he manufactured and his sharing of knowledge. He is missed.