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Silent Cymbals/Gen16

Started by Itsme710, January 10, 2020, 10:49:27 AM

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Well fellow 2boxers , ive had the Gen16 setup on and off for a while, ive got every toneshape from Zildjian Web site , I have about 80 on every cymbal output , ive got a full set of Ziljian Nickle and full set of Zildjian L80's but just never quite get the sounds good enough to enjoy,(hats excepted) ive even buffed all the silencing substance off the L80's ,which makes them tonally better but not quite there , so after spending a wad of cash on Zildjian I though I would give the Chinese a crack and bought a set of silver Centent silent cymbals, First impressions are , better than Zildjians I have, by far. They are a bit louder than the Zildjian which is not a problem ,its what they sound like through amps what is and with my direct mics they do sound a lot better, now bare in mind these cost me £135 delivered 24h delivery from UK dealer and you cant buy 1 of any Zildjians for that price its a no brainer.  Think im going to try a few more different Chinese cymbals after I see how these hold up to a few practice sessions, 👍