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Sounds not working on the module only

Started by B.A.B.e., July 17, 2019, 08:31:09 AM

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I have some strange behaviour with 3 sounds on my module  :(

On the DrumIt 3, I try to trigger some percussion sounds I converted with SDSE and DrumIt Manager on TOM1, TOM2 and TOM3 but I hear nothing or the sounds are chopped.
When I choose another sound already in the module, it's working fine (on any of the 3 toms).
When I play these sounds with DrumIt Manager on my pc, they sound good
I thought It could come from the sounds themselves so I created new ones but the problem is still there !
Sometimes when I hit very hard I hear the sound or a part of it ???
I also noticed that if I strike at the same time my snare drum while hitting the tom, then the sound is triggered.
I can also trigger the sound via midi without problem.

Now really, is there a ghost in my module ?  ;)

Any suggestion would be appreciated



I would compare the settings for toms 1, 2 and 3 to the default settings of tom 4 (if it's not used), to check if the Thresh, Curve look ok and Xtalk, localXtalk are Off. Did you try selecting one of these sounds on the snare? I would try one of the dsnd on the snare and if it works then plug the snare to the tom1 input then tom2, tom3. If these percussion dsnd contain a single zone does the Sound setting display "+" on the module and in DKit Manager? I would try to toggle the Sound setting on the module in case it's set to "-+".