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Prevent double kick hits?

Started by Cableaddict, March 11, 2019, 08:13:58 PM

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I'm considering the Drumit3,   and am reading the manual, but I don't see any setting for "masking" (or whatever they might call it.)

This greatly concerns me, as I have a terrible time minimizing double kick hits with my current Ddrum3 brain.   Masking,  i.e. preventing a second hit when it occurs within XX milliseconds, is a critical parameter, found on all the high end modules.

The Drumit3 has a "Xtalk" setting, but that's not the same thing at all. 

Am I missing it,  is it actually there, but called something else?


Mask, on the Unit Spec screen.
Page 51 in the manual.



Thanks, guys.

I would expect that to be listed under the "UNT - MODE' section, since it works in conjunction with those parameters.  Also, oddly, it's not mentioned in the FAQS section specifically about avoiding double triggering.

Looks like I'll most likely be ordering a "3" tomorrow, but to be very clear:

This function is available for ALL trigger inputs?  (As opposed to the GAINR, in this section.)

Also, how many settings are there? The manual doesn't say. 



The mask setting is available on all triggers/inputs.

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There are somethings to consider when using mask to eliminate double trigger hits. If you're using a single pedal, mask will serve you well. Are you gonna use a 20+ inch kick drum with a mesh head? If so, yeah Mask will help you get a clean trigger set up. But if you're gonna use a double pedal and will be doing a lot of quick drags, ruffs and flams etc... You will be better off leaving mask low (or off) on a AC1 setting and muffling the inside of the kick with a pillow or some form of heavy foam.
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