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2box 5 and ATV cymbal compatibility

Started by Slamstick, March 24, 2018, 01:36:56 AM

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I am looking at the ATV 18 ride with my 2 Box 5 Module. I  assume I need Anders conversion box to get 3 zones out of this set up?. Also does anybody have a video playing the Cymbal without being hooked up to a module or amp. I want to see how loud the acoustic level is



According to Allan at digitalDrummer who tested the ATV with my 3zone ride conversion works extremely well.

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I just got a reality check. As I posted previously, I was thinking about the ATV ride and a Conversion box from Anders until I saw the 450 price tag for the cymbal alone plus the converter. No thanks, I have an 18, 16,  14 , and a single zone splash Converted Zildjian Low Volumes and they are three zones except the splash of course  and I have that kinda money invested in all 4 of them, approximately! This GAS makes you lose your mind, lol!