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2box Triggers + Module

Started by daddyroxx2015, May 25, 2017, 01:27:54 AM

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A Question,
I bought this System because it is by Far,..The Best.
I need a very Simple Set - Up,....I'm using this System, only to Replace Drum Mike's,
I wanna get Rid of The Tuning, The Buying of Drum Heads ( Will be using Mesh Heads on My Kit),
Drum Checks that take forever.
I want One Program to Give Me That Power 80's Drum Sound.
That's it,...I am very New To All this,..Meaning,..I want to Place The Triggers, Plug Everything into The Module,
and From there I am lost....What kind of Monitor would you Use,...I need to hears the Drums, Right?
Do I need a Drum Snake?.....Simple Questions,...I just need Very Simple Answers.
It's be a Year 1/2,...and I yet to Use them.
There Still in Boxes....I need Somebody's Help,....Outline it in very Simple Terms,...Step by Step...
    Thank you very Much,....can you send any Information to my Email.


Did you get the answers you needed?
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


Hello, everybody!

I'm also new in all of this, and need same advices... Just bought 2box triggers, and waiting for new drumit three module. I will be using it on my acoustic kit with mesh heads.

What about monitoring? We all in band have in ear, is this ok or we will need real monitor (speakers) on stage?

Any suggestions for e cymbals? Which one is the best, 2box, roland, yamaha? Can you give me some advice for hi hats, crash and ride?

Thanks in advance!


Not a good idea to hijack other's threads.