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Pearl Mimic Pro

Started by Haggis-man, June 23, 2016, 05:42:40 PM

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Deve Loper

Hi Steve. Thanks for the thumbs up, but I am from Holland actually :-)
Living and working in Sweden. And I am now on my own in the "game".


Haha, okay! I was referring to Ddrum and 2box being Swedish companies. Hoping to see something you're working on at some point!
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!

Deve Loper

Yes indeed swedish companies, but me being an expat working there :-)
And still working, just not there...


Glad to hear it (you're still in the game) You're a good egg, I am sure 2box miss your skills!
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


Ludwig Acoustics, Paiste Cymbals, Drum Brothers Djun Djuns, ddrum3, ddrum4, 2BOX DrumIt Five, Pintech Cymbals, MegaDrum56, eDRUMin-4

Deve Loper

Hi. Actually didn't know about them. I am more into jazz-rock.
My favourite, Tribal Tech.
But back to topic I guess, otherwise I get spanked by the moderator.


Our friend Jman thought originally  that 2 box would have continued to grow because of its influence from the innovator Ddrum and its early multi layer sampling cap abilities. He worked on vst's with 2 box adnauseum . Finally when Mimic came out he jumped ship to it. I think he thought , as we all did , that Pearl's promise to give it the capability with multi layer sampling would have happened much quicker. Wish he lived long enough to see it. He would be having a ball working with the Mimic and VST's now. Not to mention , I would have gone Mimic now too with his technology help! R.IP. Jerry