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Mac as a drum module?

Started by HuastecoElPaisa, May 31, 2016, 08:23:08 PM

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Hello everybody,

I have been wondering if there is any possibilty in which i can use my mac as a Drum Module? Is there any program out there that can do this? I have made some samples from some vintage drums and I really want to get those sounds on my SPD-30 (which i know is not possible becasue it can load samples) with my mac. Heres what i was thinking, connecting my SPD-30 to my mac and using it as a midi controller and then connecting my mac to the mixer.

Thank you!!


First, connect your SPD-30 via USB with a Midi Interface Cable (I assume it has a midi out) to your Mac. Then...

I would get MainStage 3 and configure it to use a drum VST (BDF3, Slate Drums, Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, etc.) on a track then output it from either an audio interface or your headphones to the mixer/pa.

I believe BDF3 allows you to use your own samples so that might be the best drum VST option for you (I'm unsure if the others allow this functionality).