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Selling 2box Module

Started by csnow, January 12, 2014, 11:21:02 PM

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I am selling my 2box module with the 32gb card extender with (2) 32gb cards.  I will also ship international for those who are tried of waiting for 2box to get distribution to your area.  Module works great and the cards have some "gooodies" installed.

I am a long-term member on, and I have a lot of feedback in the for sale section (same user id as here).  I also have 100% feedback on eBay (csnow_70).  Please buy with confidence.  Item will usually ship same day or the next day at the latest. 

$900 plus shipping



Wow, that is a good price!

Just to throw in my 2 cents. No worries dealing with Chris. He is a relatively new member on this forum but has been a trusted member for years at I have dealt with him personally on other transactions and he is excellent to deal with.
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)

Greg the groove

Sux to hear your selling Chris! Are you going acoustic?


Plus CSnow has great taste in acoustic drums too! CSnow, best of luck with the sale of your module. Hope you hang around here still. We can talk about Ludwig drums.


I am probably just going to roll back to a small Yamaha 502 (great module for $200 for a trigger to midi interface).  I use my PCwhen I practice because I use pdf sheet music, youtube lessons, dvds etc so having the VSTs on the module is overkill for me.  I can just trigger the pads via the PC.  For cymbals, I am using the Gen 16 cymbals but they are loud enough by themselves that I can hear them with my headphones.  I do use the DCP module for the hats but I use the ride and crashes solo so to speak. I practice on the ekit so my neighbors don't hear me sucking badly when learning something new :)  I definitely prefer my acoustics over the edrums.



Do you already have a 502, then? Or were you simply saying that you are looking for one...?
No matter what, I don't hope you completely give up on the 'E-Drum adventure.'

All the best to you!  :)


this is a good deal indeed. I'd by it for my church kit to replace the TDW-20 if I had the cash. :)


Still available - no takers?


i want to buy it. does it trigger well . i will be using an acoustic kit. till i van afford pad set.


i want to buy it text me 228-365-2427


It was good talking with you today.


Don't have a direct link but I just heard this was on ebay if anyone is still interested.


Decided to keep the module.  This is no longer for sale.


good move you will use it again! Enjoy!


Yeah, all the issues I was having disappeared when I reset all the kits back to default.  Module is working fantastic with the Aquarian heads now.