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Cymbals like Zildjian's GEN16 but with trigger!!!

Started by WeastpaK, November 28, 2013, 04:43:31 PM

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Quote from: Greg the groove on December 04, 2013, 08:57:37 PM
Wow, I better not ever use the term Debbie Downer again around here! LOL!

Who is Debbie Downer, anyway?

I've only heard of Martha Stewart!  (...and Json Parse, but that's another story...) 8)

Greg the groove

I've been getting to know JSON way too much lately and it's getting to be very annoying. He has INTERNAL problems and issues!


Jerry's triggers work great...mine work great as well...and I don't use any dampening. The physical nature of the cymbal itself is dampening enough to allow good triggering with correct tweaking of the module. As for multi-zones...we all know that 2Box cymbals are 1 piezo and one mechanical choke creating 3 zones with a velocity sensitive bell is not just's a reality. However...from public and private conversations with Julia....and knowing that she has said they "might" go that direction way down the line sometime.....maybe ::) has never been a goal for this product...only an afterthought...and a small one at that. The application for these has never really been directed at us "E" drummers per say...because some only consider full e kits as practice tools so therefore the live acoustic drumming(small venue/practice) applications are their main target with everything else that the creative drummer thinks they can be used icing on the cake. Don't get me wrong....I fully embrace the the triggering concept of the Gen16s...and the acoustic attributes too. It's all I have on my kit besides a few Acrylic splashes and chinas...which I also built myself. I hope they do develop a midi aspect to these that can run simultaneously with the acoustic properties of these using the DS pickups as the transmitter....but I wouldn't count on it any time soon. Maybe within the next decade....maybe. ;) Right now as it stands...they sell these cymbals without any pickups just so you can choose which you would like...get some triggers for them...and have need to wait  ;) ;D


Quote from: Greg the groove on December 05, 2013, 09:08:26 AM
I've been getting to know JSON way too much lately and it's getting to be very annoying. He has INTERNAL problems and issues!

Greg, just wait until you meet Mrs. 'Susanne Blech'....

...she's the forgotten step-sister to the second cousin of Json Parse - and even worse than Json himself! 

Wicked, wicked woman!   


...looks very interesting...

...other sizes (HH, Ride, etc.) should follow next year.


Quote from: Dänoh on November 29, 2013, 01:46:26 PM




                                                Problem solved!   8)

:P ;)

Sorry but Alesis hardware is just so bad I wouldn't recommend it.

Gen16 are half way there. The DCP has a USB output which could be used for MIDI and the direct source pickups are basically triggers.


I doubt if the DCP USB can be used for MIDI. It is a feature not implemented yet. The engineer who developed GEN16 for Zildjian has an unofficial forum online and the last word is that it is not in.

The working way to go right now if to buy the Zildjian GEN16 cymbals without pickups and purchase JMan's triggers.

I play GEN16 since summer 2012 (original 480AE box) and replaced the cymbals by buffed bronze and the acoustic pickups with the DSP's. In 2013-2014 several DCP sound-patterns were released that sound quite decent. I'm happy. If Zildjian really decides to move from DCP to triggers I will integrate the cymbals with my 2Box.
2Box Drumit 5 Mk2 since 2012


Drumit 6; USB for vsts ... speed.
More outputs for recording ...
gen 16 style cymbals ... oh yeah... if MIDI compatible... OMG
MORE trigger outputs ... blow td 30 out of the water ... Roland is simply charging too much for very little new electronic drum contribution lately :)


Old old topic, I know...

But Zildjian released an update for the Gen16s last month, and some of the sounds are really really good. Also, the new version of their DCP preset making software is very user-friendly and a huge improvement.

Just for anyone who (like me!) would rather play in metal cymbals than rubber!

AND- the LEDs can be programmed to glow orange!