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Soon to join the 2Box family

Started by Xenu, February 14, 2013, 01:24:46 AM

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Hi Guys,

I have been a long time roland user (TD-20) and I am making the shift over to 2box.

I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my module and Hihat and pads from Thomann.

I am going to use the 2box pads for snare and toms (x 2 10inch toms, x2 12 inch toms) and 12 inch snare.  I love the low profile of these - which will make for easy transporting. I'll likely will change the color though! 

I have an old 18inch BD that I'll convert (I am considering the Pearl TruTac).

I figured from all the stuff I read I will go with Yamaha PCY 155's and maybe even custom make a ride like Rob's.

I have already bought a SDHC extension cable and PNY 32Gb card.

I have a gibraltar rack to mount it all on.  Depending how I like the Hihat response I might perform the footplate Mod.

I am yet to play the 2box but have been very impressed with what I have seen.  Currently I am triggering BFD2 with my TD-20 but I do not trust this setup live (although it has been rock-stable in practice).

I will update y'all with pictures when I receive my goodies!.  Feel free to offer an suggestions in case there is something I am missing!




2Box Drumit 5 Mk2 since 2012



Just received my pads from Thomann today. I must say the build quality of these appears pretty damn good.

Unfortunately as I suspected the 12inch pads came without the eyebolt and wingnut.  Hopefully Thomann can source these for me.

My module and hihats has been caught up in customs:-( Hopefully I recieve them soon too!  Then its just the Yamaha PCY155's and pearl TruTrac Bassdrum pads!.  I look forward to showing off my kit :patbat2box: