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DrumIt 5 Hardware / rack clamp tension rod
January 21, 2024, 09:30:27 PM
Hi there guys. i managed to destroy the "tension rod" in one of my clamps.
it is the screw that is marked as 10010 tension rod.
Any ideas where i can find such a rod? i will have to lock it with a wing nut on something, from the other side as the screw has been fucked. any idea what kind of screw will fit the hole of the clamp? m6 will do? i tried a screw that i had from a pearl eliminator pedal that holds the beater, and it was too big. i think these are m6..
any idea is appreciated. i know there are no spares so i am trying to find some sort of solution that will work. thanks
Hi there. my 2box mk2 (the orang one) is still going strong for more than 12 years now.
Today i noticed a crack in the snare rim. so i am now thinking that perhaps it is time to use it as a second floor tom and add a new snare.
need a 12 inch one like the original 2box snare.
will need it to have a sloid metal rim (that has plastic on it obviously).
is there a way for the snare to have positional sensing? haw many zones do the 2box snares need to have? if i remember well, 2? one for the snare head and one for the rim?
If there are more triggers innit, can its performance be improved?
will it have hot spot if trigger is in the center or there is no such problem now?
Any suggestions for asnare that wont break the bank?
I know a guy in Athens that does diy snares. are there perhaps some specific instructions i should give him, if i go down this route?
Thanks guys so much
hi there guys.long time no see.
Hope everything is great with you and your 2box still kicks ass.
Would like some favour.
Is there anyone that has the 2 box metronome in wav or mp3 or whatever? would like to use this when i record drums in the studio. cheers
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / hi hat upgrade path
December 21, 2020, 01:35:12 AM
Hi there guys. long time since i appeared here. sorry about that.
Well my kit still goes strong. apart from some inevitable crackling of some tom mounts, i think it is great.
Well until now, the hihat i was using was a roland cy-5 with the manfred conversion kit. The one with the magnet you had to install underneath the hhat pedal.
Well this has served its cause to be honest. But my pearl h2000 hhat stand cant reallyhave the magnet stuck on it and it is difficult to somehow glue it. This always caused recalibration to be done very often, misstrigers etc. it is great but once you start to get really picky on what you expect, it is good enough but barely.

6 montsh ago i was thinking about the zourman conversion kit. Mainly due to a new band i was starting. well this faded quickly. But again i have a great band and this is to stay. And we will occasionally practise at my place. I will need hhat consistency. So again i am thinking about upgrade paths. I will need your help to decide

At first i was thinking about vh-11 along with zourman kit. I found a vh-11 at 140 euros. Seems like a steal, but i am starting to think that it is high likely this will be in a not great shape. and i would have to result to diy. which i hate. and i need consistency.
Buying a new vh-10 or vh-11 is my second thought. But this is really expensive and id rather invest 300 euros in other areas.
So, the reason i am writting thsi thread.
Here is my thought and i need advice.
Why not use my cy-5, with zourman box? Anyone has already done it btw, to share the experience?
Cy-5 has bow edge and foot right now with manfred box. so i am assuming this will work as 3 zones with zourman as well, right?
Since zourman doesnt have a magnet, this should trigger better than manfred box right?
My main problem is that when starting to play along, after some time, when having the hhat semi open or open (but especially in semi open position is is obvious), the sound alters a lot. i dont move my foot, i keep it in the same open position, but sound is altering like if i am moving the pedal. i am thinking that this can have to do with the magnet.when playinbg and with vibrations etc, the distance from the box and magnet could micromove hence that sound?

if cy-5 with zourman box can have great sensitivity with opening and closing hhat, and no misstriggerings (they can always happen, but i mean to avoid them 90% of all times), i would buy it tomorrow.
i would really like to read your opinions. if i can avoid buying a vh-11 or vh10, id prefer that really.
Thank you guys

ps. manfred box has 2 plugs. zourman box has 3 plugs. do i need to buy another cable? or cy-5 needs only 2 cables with zourman box? i will get 3 zones with cy-5 right?
ps2. i dont have a fy-8 pedal
Cheers guys
DrumIt 5 Hardware / 2box module undusting?
February 27, 2019, 08:37:43 PM
hi guys. one quick question. after 8 years of having drummit 5, i noticed that sometimes when i turn the knobs (for instance when changing kits), i notice that the kits change strangely. it will go for example, 1,2,3,4,5,34,5,6,7,8,4,5,6, etc. i turn it right and instead of going forward it goes back etc.

i assume it needs cleaning. i havent openned the kit since i did the mod, and i remember that i had scratched a bit the plastic nuts on the back...

to fix this, is it a matter of openning the kit and undusting it, or spraying it with pessed air? do i have to do something else? can it be fixed without openning the kit? anyone else had that?

module works flawlessly apart from that
DrumIt 5 Hardware / real feel cymbals anyone?
October 26, 2018, 11:44:06 AM
hello after long time.
2box has been awesome all these years. 7 years going strong!!!
but when i want swing fast or play fast in the hats, the plastic cymbals really reduce my speed (and alter my feel). i think it is time i purchased a real feel hi hat and ride (dont care about crashes to be honest)

what optons do i have?
zildjan low volume cymbals will need also a new brain which i dont like.
other options are goedrum new real feel cymbals and jobeky.
is there any other option? that is also compatible with drummit 5?
i know jman makes cymbals but they are not real feel (i mean they dont have the small holes to really reduce noise. i would really like a reduced noise for sure.
so is there goedrum and jobeky my only real options? or is there something else i should consider?
all suggestions are appreciated
thank you

ps. jobeky are way expensive and they are not available to purchase from europe, right? that would skyrocket their cost....
e-drum DIY / modifications / laptop stand for 2box
October 14, 2015, 09:32:48 PM
ho there. too long since i have been here i know, but i was (and still am too busy.
id like to ask a fast question.
i want to connect a laptop to 2box. but id like to ask what kind of rack stand clamp etc, youcan use, or diy make for such a thing? any ideas or experiences? cheers
hope you are all great. soon ill be back more often here
hi there. long time since i posted here.
long time ago i had some drum kit to use with guitar hero rock band etc. it was ion drum rcker. i had made a diy constrauction back then, creating a kick pedal input. i used a normal foot pedal and installed to it and to a kick pad these things here
a normally open magnetic switch
when the beater with the one magnet attached to it, got close to the other magnet attached to the kick pad, then a signal was emmitted and thus the drums knew i hit the kick.

now i tried to emulate this to 2box. same construction a kick pad and a foot pedal. attaching one magnet to the pedal and the other, to the pad.i got a mono cable that i stripped one end and connected the 2 inside cables one to com and the other to n.o (normally open) screws. the i plugged the cable to the brain to tom 4 input.i could hear the magnet circuit closing and opening but no sound from 2 box. no hit was registered. i had put sounds to tom 4 of course. any idea how i can fix that?

and while i am at a new thread, may i ask something totally (or not) irrelevant?
was thinking to make an ecowbell. any ideas how it can be done? i should use a piezo right? installed inside a cowbell or generally inside the thing i should hit? cheers
hello all. since now i have started getting into montuno left foot clave etc. i thought it would be great to have an electronic trigger in my left foot to trigger a wood block etc.
for my left foot i need only one zone. so i was thinking. wouldnt the cheapest sollution be, to use a trigerra krig and mount it on the stock 2box kick pedal?
would this work and would the outcome be ok?

also i wanted a cowbell (well no kit is really great without one lol)
but real acoustic cowbells have 2 sounds they make. so i wanted to emulate that in a cowbell triger. but i havent seen a dual cowbell trigger apart from jmans. but i want the 2 zones to trigger like in a real cowbell to emulate the momevent of the stick. aka edge and bow if you get what i mean. so i would want a, e cowbell that has the shape of a cowbell and have one zone on the edge and on on the bow. is there something like that available? if not can it be constructed? and any idea how the triggers should be placed?

if not it get a nanopad i guess. cheers and thank you
DrumIt 5 Hardware / 682 heads the final verdict
April 14, 2014, 03:45:15 PM
ok i decided to write a new thread so that new forum members etc, wont have trouble finding out what is going on in these heads.

i will cut a long story short and just tell the facts.
i have purchased the whole set of 682 heads for 2box. everything is amazing about these heads. for double ply mesh heads, they are really silent. the rebound is as it should be, really close to an acoustic set and they are sturdy and durable.
i had alittle problem with 2 of the tom heads, somehow i got 2 that had a little less mesh on it so they wouldnt sit properly on the toms. bad luck... i contacted them and they were very helpful and very professional. in a matter of few days i got my replacement heads, and they were excellent. now in my kit every single  head is 682. and i couldnt be happier about it

i have tried roland mesh heads for the kick. too loud and bouncy. didnt dig them . especially the loud noise was irritating
z-ed heads. they were a bit more silent but also with more rebound which i hated. also the kick head would not install. they are not good for 2box unless you change the screws in 2box.
drum tech design heads for snare. these were good. but also very very loud. and not as durable as i would want, since i managed to break them... and i am not that heavy hitter in my el;ectronic kits. i play with 7a sticks.

bottom line is that i can vouch that these heads are the best gift you can give to yourself. they do make a really big difference in playability of 2box.

ps. i am in no way associated with 682. the nice review is because i feel they deserve it.
and i believe also that their price is right!!!!
take care guys

ps2. anyone having trouble with tom heads, please do contact them. they will sort it all out and they are excellent guys. i know!!! cant wait for tomorrows practise!!! i am in love with 2box all over again!
DrumIt 5 Hardware / dimensions of o-rings
March 23, 2014, 07:06:05 PM
hi there. im in need of orings. these seem to break so often especially when u try to change mesh heads, you will see that most are broken lol. so anyone knows the dimensions so that i can go purchase them from ebay? what should i get? even ebay link would be great.cheers
i know this has been discussed many times, but i didnt want to ressurrect old threads, and this thread could be used to sum up all our experiences.

i was playing some iron maiden tunes. since i consider my self mostly a rock drummer, i hit my mesh head exactly as i hit in my acoustic mesh head. as you can imagine, this, combine with the many hours i practice make me a danger for mesh heads. my snare head snapped... so i am in the market for a new 12mesh abut also a 14 mesh head for my kick...

in my mind there are 3 good options.
first is 628 dual layer mesh heads

second is z-ed triplex mesh heads

third is using the rubber heads with the stock 2 box mesh heads

in my opinion these are the best options for 2box.

but since i am in a hurry now, i will think about the 2 first options. in the beginning i thought about the 628. i remember that someone here said that their white and black mesh heads are not the same. anyone remembers which is suited better for my use?

of course feel, low rebound like in real acoustic situations, but also loudness, all will affect my decision

about z-ed heads. i read here that the 3ply heads they have are not as loud as the usual double heads.  so i am really thinking of having them as my first option. brian has both if i remmber well and said that z-ed were better. anyone tried them in both kick or snare?

if someone has any other info on the subject or new suggestions, id love to read them... anyway... thank you so much guys cheers

edit. after reading digital drummer again, i see that the z-ed triple are supposed to have too much rebound... so perhaps i should stick with 628?  oh god i am puzzled...
due to money issues and also due to the existence of sdse (that will help us choose the right drum sound for our album with ease), we are really considering of recording at home. the biggest concern is the the drums. but if there was one drumkit that could live up to the task , itd be 2box
so we are thinking of trying it in a couple of months or so.

so id like to get some feedback

the most significant question right now is this:
record the drums in midi?
or record the drums through the 6 outputs in wav? (recording in wav though would be tricky since it would require us to buy a sound card of six inputs...or isnt it needed?)

apart from that any other tips? did you guys had issues with double trigering etc? did you do something special that helped you?

just need some advice from people that have been there!!! cheers

once evrything is set up, i could even make some videos of the recording sessions!!!!!

you can guess who the drummer is!!

anyway since first gig is taking place on 30th of may in athens, if you happen to be around, come over if you feel like it, we'll grab some beers and talk about 2box as well ;)

links to iola11 facebook etc are in my signature, hopefully we will release our first record sooner than later!

1990: 3 highschool kids sharing common taste for heavy music, started hanging out.
2011: baldier, wiser (?????) and uglier, these dudes formed iola11, a band that would allow them to express their abnormal musical tastes and ideas.
The Athens based, rock trio consists of:
Edeka: Vocals, fx
Kuvic: bass guitar - bass guitared
Porotikos: Drums, percussion (and everything else he could hit with his sticks)

their diverse musical influences can be traced in (among others):

iron maiden
mike patton
afghan whigs
fun lovin' criminals
scary mother
yannis savidakis
fear factory
daft punk
running wild

While putting tags in music can be a futile task, "post-chaotic rock" could approximate their sound closely enough.

i ola i tipota?
i just found out that 2box brain metronome can count only 999 bars. and then it loops the 999th bar eternally,. while playing double pedal!

so why dont we use this thread to write about those little facts that noone cares about but we would be curious enough to want to know them?
firstly let me tell you that my double strokes are fine. i always practice on pillows, i know i need to pull hard on the second stroke on toms, so that both strokes are equal, and in general i know what i am doing.

here is the problem.
i noticed that while recording with tommy igoes playalongs from groove essentials volume 1 (excellent playalong book)

i record the track by simply using a splitter and recording the headphones line out in an mp3 player - recorder

whenever i record double strokes on snare, everything is fine. it is excellent. whenever i record double strokes on toms, there is huge problem. the strange thing is that i can hear the double strokes perfectly on the headphones as i play them, but when i hear them in the recording, i cant hear the secodn stroke of the double strokes.... i have tried with a bit loose mesh on toms (cause it has more natural feeling, i have tried with tight mesh, i have tried with gain in 3 (normally i have it in zero), and in all 3 situations there is this problem, when i record. as i play them and hear them , i can hear everything fine. the problem is in the recording and only in the double strokes.

i wonder why on the snare everything is fine and not on the toms. but ion the snare i use 2ply mesh head...

any ideas? is it a matter of settings ?(a matter of my hands? (i seriously doubt it), is it because of themesh head? or is there some other reason? thank you
Setup guides and tips / i damaged my snare mesh head
April 07, 2013, 07:51:43 PM
not the original one, i have a drumtech design meshhead. my girl upon her return from the us, she brought me a rachet drum key that made it easier to tighten veru much, the mesh head. i exagerated on the tightness because i like the mesh to be tight,and the upper ply got a hole that is 2x5 cm id say.
well i was thinking to just rip the upper mesh off what do you think?
i could use the 2box head any time though, but i am weighting also other options.
i see a lot of people talking about 628 mesh heads. does it feel closer to a real snare? thats all i careabout. the drumtech when tight enough was real close to the real snare feel. also, in my kick i have a roland mesh head. will it be worth to change it to a 628 head or not? anyone tried both of them so they can compare them?
another option would be to wait to get the 2box rubber heads. would that be a better option overall?

thank you guys
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / R.I.P Clive Burr
March 13, 2013, 08:12:33 PM
evenif it belongs in the chit chat section, all must seethis. sad day for drumming. on of the greatest MUSICIANS ever. been playing maiden all day...amazing drummer, god rest his soul. i am too sad....

well many of us own many vst programs. (thats why sdsh tool will come in handy).
there are though sound files that are duplicate. what i mean
'for example there are ezx expansions and sdx expansions that have many duplicate files. meaning that first came an ezx expansion, and then its equivalent in sdx came out, with better sound and better-fewer processing etc. so in order to avoid having to convert unnecessary files in our sd card, anyone know which ezx sounds or whole libraries, we dont need to convert if we have the specific sdx libraries?
anyone has a list?
i searxhed in google and dint come up with something good. same goes for multiplatform libraries. i dont have any, but in order to have a "complete" thread, perhaps someone could say with libraries can appear both in superior drummer and bfd format for instance, and which sound file would be better to use as a dsnd conversion. thanx
i dont knwoif this deserved a new thread so apologies fot that beforehand.
prior to me buying sdse, i am upgrading my desktop pc. i just got 8 gb ram for it cheap and it works great. people told me that i should also get an ssd drive and install windows there, it will be superfast.
thing is that bfd2 superior drummer etc, take up too much free space.
so my question is if i can install bfd2 sd etc in c program files as usual but have the audio files of the programs, put in another partition or another hdd i have in my pc. has anyone done that? will it be a good idea or should i jst wait for bigger ssd drives so that i install in them what i need?
id really like the opinion of the bfd experts in here. cheers