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ddrum3 snare pad wanted!

Started by Krillo, August 20, 2011, 05:35:43 AM

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Hi all,

Now that you've all crossed over to 2box, it's time to sell your old ddrum gear, right!?  ;D
I'm looking for a ddrum3 snare pad, preferrably black.
I would consider a cast precision snare pad also.



Are you still looking for this I have one



Is it a black one?
Where do you live?



its a cast percision snare pad iM in the USA


Quote from: redstar299 on October 19, 2011, 04:10:40 AM
its a cast percision snare pad iM in the USA

Then I'll have to pass on that. Shipping & customs will make it to expensive, sorry.  :(
Thanks for the heads-up though!


He Krillo,

Look what I found out when i removed the baseplate off a ddrum 4 die cast precision bass pad:

also it has the same metal plate in it like the ddrum3 precision pads, see the metal trough the hole in the pack:

it has also the foam under the drum head.

So I placed a normal drumhead and it works great, have to put in a extra trigger to make rim shots.

So look if you can find a cast presision bass drum.