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ddrum 4se

Started by logihack, December 23, 2009, 10:01:05 AM

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im selling my ddrum4 se contains module, snare, 3 toms, kick pad, 2 cymbals, hi hat and rack...trigger in kick pad is damaged, so the buyer will replace that and the cost for thet repair is really low(1-10eur)...i would repaired it myself but with my skills, better not...otherwise everything work perfect...
im from slovenia, 20km from austrian and 30km from italian also willing to send the whole set in EU only...i have no experience with this kind of international selling but i promise, ill do my best ;)...
price for everything is 800eur+delivery...i hope, im not asking to much

im playing the kit right now and kick works...dont ask me how, but it does...maybe something with the cabel(mono-stereo)...even before, wasnt completly dead, but it was realy bad triggering, exept when i set dynamics on, everything seems to be ok  :drum2:


Hallo, Im from Spain.
┬┐did you sell separated parts?
Im interesting in 1 cymbal and 1 tomb
Thanks :animal:



have you sell it?
if not, say something.