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ddrum 4 error when downloading sounds

Started by jimbrain, June 13, 2011, 05:00:46 PM

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Hello to everyone ,
I am an owner of the ddrum 4 se module with cast precision mesh heads. Recently i decided to delete all sounds , and load
only the ones that i use the most. However when i try to download a sound into the module i get the "ERR" message.
The error occurs on most, but not an all cases, meaning that i was able to load some sounds but not all. I use an M-audio
delta 1010 lt soundcard. Do you guys have any idea why this is  happening??? 
Any help will be appreciated .
Thank you.


I can only really guess as it never happened on my dd4 but have you tried different midi cables? If you've got a friend with a laptop and audio interface (or whole other music PC) could you try with that? I take it you're re-loading original DD4 samples back on?