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2Box Hihat Controller

Started by Manfred, June 04, 2011, 08:46:49 PM

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finally i opened my hihat because i wanted to know how it works. Some people are talking about "magnetic vodoo" but its not that complicated  :) The first thing i saw was that the PCB was not cleaned properly. Due to that it started to rot. Here is a picture:

By the way, the chip on top is the (magnetic) hall sensor. After cleaning it looks like this:

And finally after cleaning and soldering:

Of course i tried to draw the schematic:

Any comments are welcome  :)

Regards, Manfred

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Detailed work as usual Manfred!  This information will surely help making a DIY hi-hat much easier now.  Pity to see that the chipboard was rotting like that - another thing to mark on the 2Box quality control list.  Little things like that make a big difference to the kit so well spotted man.


Nice work. Since I´m no DIY guy, why the soldering?


Good question. I just unsoldered the wires to separate the the circuit board from the cymbal. So i had to solder them again. Thats all.

In my opinion the concept with a magnetic level detection is quite good. Since there are no mechanically moved parts i would expect that it is reliable. And the cost for the electronic is pretty low.

Regards, Manfred



a small correction of the schematic posted above:

Regards, Manfred


Having issues viewing schematic aswell


can you explain to me what the labels sn, pn, pp mean on the 2box hi hat controller


Hey there, i'm trying to fix my hihat, do you still have the pictures, to see which cables goes where?


Here is the wiring from the diagram in plain terms

Find the two wires that go toward the center of the hi hat (if you remove the foam you can see the two rings of the peizo)  Those wires go to the P connectors. (P = Peizo).  Find the two wires that go toward the edge of the hi hat (switch).  Those go to the S connectors (S = Switch).

If you put the Hi Hat board so you are looking at the back of it (ie: not the plug side) you should see:

S2-  goes to switch (edge wires)

PP - goes to peizo (center wires)

S3 - nothing hooked up
S1 - nothing hooked up

PN - goes to peizo (center wires)

SN - goes to switch (edge wires)

as far as I know it only matters you keep switch and peizo wires separate.

Thanks to Manfred for the help.  I hope this makes it clear.  Just an FYI I hooked it up exactly as shown and it did not work (edge was making a full volume it every time.)  I took it apart and re-checked everything... looked right so I put it back together and it worked.  This thing is very picky.  I extended the wires by splicing some in (to make it easier to solder). Messed it up for whatever reason and it just acted erratically.  Took the wires out.  Worked. 

ALSO.. I was blowing Hall sensors on a weekly basis before I started the following practice:

ALWAYS plug the hihat in with the module powered ON (yes on).  Make sure the volume is turned down on everything your using.. then plug it in.  Do the same for removing the plug.. remove it live with the volume off.  Every Hall sensor I blew was due to the power going out while using it.  Since I have started this practice (more than 6 years ago) it has worked fine. 


Quote from: vomithaus on December 31, 2023, 07:49:18 AMALSO.. I was blowing Hall sensors on a weekly basis before I started the following practice:

I just blew mine again. Do you happen to know a compatible part number for a sensor I can buy to replace it? I can't find anything based on the markings on the chip: "407 575 92 ."

Or is there an easier way to source replacement boards? Last time it took a couple months to get a replacement from the distributor here in Canada. I think eventually 2box just shipped me one directly. 

I'm thinking I might just need to go with a different hat solution as these clearly aren't handling being moved around well.


Going down a different path for hihat would be my recommendation.

The Zourman box with any Roland style hihat will be much better for the playing too. A friend of mine bought one with a Jobeky Brass Hihat top, and it significantly better to play on than the this hihat. I have also tried it with a VH11 and it was great.

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