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MKII parts new in box, kick pedal 25€

Started by zorglub, May 21, 2011, 02:03:01 PM

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I wanted to get a fourth tom and a cymbal but it seemed that the shop wouldn't get them in the advertised time so I cancelled and bought a second full kit.
So here's your chance to get some brand new parts for cheap and available right now.

All parts are brand new and never used, in the original box or plastic bag (depending on how the part is packaged)
I'm located in France, near Paris

- kick pedal without beater 25€
- hi-hat with mount and cable 130€ sold
- hi-hat stand 50€ sold
- 14" kick pad sold
- drumit5 brain (module) 800€ sold
- 14" cymbal with mount 120€ sold to hdevr000
- 3x 10" pad with mount, 105€ each sold one to e*n*
- rack 250€ sold