2box review in latest digitalDrummer

Started by digitalDrummer, April 25, 2011, 10:02:45 PM

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The May edition of digitalDrummer is now live, with its regular line-up of new gear, informative profiles and useful advice.

The latest issue features an in-depth review of the DrumIt Five 2box kit, the new kid (or is that kit?) on the block attracting plenty of attention.

There are a few head-to-head reviews in the magazine – auxiliary triggers, e-cymbals and lite VSTs.

One of our biggest coups is a tell-all interview with the "father of modern e-drums", Dave Simmons. The SIMMONS founder shares the highs and lows of his iconic brand – and his views on the shape of e-drumming in his wake.

The magazine also includes a rare insight into the making of a VST, with Chris Whitten sharing the behind-the-scenes action from his latest EZX project.

Read all this and more in the latest edition of digitalDrummer – and feel free to share the magazine with your friends and peers.

We're sure there's plenty to keep you informed and entertained in the latest issue.

Read it for free at www.digitaldrummermag.com


A comment to your article about the design:
Recent years I´ve noticed a major change among musicians, where more and more people accepts and appreciate the looks and sounds of edrums.
And notice, the audience is much more open to edrums (at least here in Sweden), from whom you get the most positive feedback. And I´d never jump in a band that wouldn´t tolerate edrums - to me that´s a sign of smallminded people.
I´m one of those who likes orange. On stage my DrumIt stands out in a great way - both sound - and designwise.


Good points, but there's still a lot of conservatism in the industry, and a big move to "hiding" electronics. That's why Pear's ePro Live looks like acoustic drums and Roland's new pads are more acoustic-looking.
For many people, the design will be an issue.


There's not only a lof of conservatism in the industry, but amongst drummers as well
A lot of them still buy things with their eyes in stead of with their ears
Including me

Slap the drummer

In fact I bought the 2box with my eyes not my ears.... I just trusted it wd sound good.

I'm very conservative about ride cymbals tho - call me old fashioned but I still think they
shd have bells on  ;)