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ddrum4 cast precision kit.

Started by ddrum4se, March 23, 2011, 11:55:14 PM

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I managed, finally, to get a drum kit of my dreams back in 2002 - a ddrum4se with cast precision pads. I played this kit pretty much all the time, at home, band rehearsals, live etc, for about 4 years, and was always more than satisfied with it - a great sounding kit.

People would say at live performances "It sounds just like a drum kit????"

For various reasons I did not play it from about 2006 onwards, but recently got it out of storage, set it up and played it. Considering it is a drum kit nearly 10 years old, it still works flawlessly, and still has that great acoustic feel and sound, you can close your eyes and be on Simon Phillips`s Tama, great souning drums.

I guess I ought to start dreaming about the 2Box, I hear and read it is better than the ddrum4 se..........I expect it probably is.........



Hi Puttenvr,

I remember you from the good old forum days - you were a very wise voice there, amd here too.

I read you think the 2Box is a lot better than the ddrum4 se, so I am thinking it will be inevitable that I will be calling Scot at Hand in Hand (again) and getting one.

Do you think the 2Box is quite a bit better than the 4se? - How do the pads feel to play etc?


= it's great to load your own samples into the unit. The ddrum4 was very limited in this
= the 2Box sounds have more spice due to the larger amount of layers and 24 bit output
= metronome
= play along with songs

= it's orange, not red
= the ddrum cast precision pads had positional sensing. At 2Box we have to wait until the rubber pads are released. The mesh head pads have an equal feel

things to be improved @2Box
= the ride cymbal pad

Next, there are many wishes for the 2Box around this forum, but I don't want to compare things which we don't had with things we will not have, or users of other brands whished they never would have. (uhh - what is he saying?)


Thanks so much mate. Yes the ddrum red was a classic, `though the orange is growing on me too.

So would you recommend it over a 4se?


I have been playing the ddrum4se cast pads, but with Sabian Cymbals and I must admit it is a great feel and sound and (I think) about as realistic as you can get to an acoustic kit.

So I am thinking 2Box Drumit5 pads, (but with normal drum heads - or the rubber position sensing ones when they are available), and real cymbals might be a winning combination.

I don`t know about you guys, but having played mesh heads for about three or four years, (and good as they are - and essential for some quiet practice situations) I have noticed a sharp decline in my "gig fitness" and ability to jump back onto an acoustioc kit and just play it - Now with the ddrum4se I played that for maybe four years, and didn`t notice any shift in playing it or acoustic drums.....Which is why I am thinking 2box with normal skins, or 2Box with the cast precision pads.


And the ddrum3, with cast presision pads ?

I think the ddrum3 is far beter than the 4 se, more organic, better feel etc.

Is the 2box even better than the ddrum3.
Well the hardware isn't thats for sure  ;D