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How does drumit three / five sound in a live setting?

Started by mjoltis, June 07, 2024, 08:34:16 AM

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Hey guys,

The last drummer in my cover band had an old ddrum module and ddrum triggers. Even though we sometimes struggled with some double triggering, going from miked up drums to a miked / hybrid setup, or even ditching the drum mikes all together, was a huge step up for the overall sound we wanted.

Now we have a new drummer, and him and me are looking into developing a hybrid setup for his drums as an addition, or an alternative, to miking up. We want to be able to route kick, snare and toms to individual outputs, so it looks like that puts us in the drumit price range and upwards. I have been using ezdrummer and superior for ever, so the flexibility of being able to upload multilayered round robin samples seems perfect.

My concern is that it seems like ambience and reverb are non-controllable in the drumit modules. In a live setting these are parameters that, in my experience, are important to be able to control.

I'm looking for advice and experiences regarding the use of the drumit modules in a live setting.



Yes you're right, ambience baked into the sample can be sort of fixed by shortening decay, but you'd be much better off loading dry drum samples. Or at least drum samples with overhead only in the mix. Easy done!

If you like ez drummer, find a kit you like and kill the ambience, use Lustark software for one click rendering to 2box DSND format. Job done!
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