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2box future?

Started by BadgerOfTruth, May 11, 2024, 03:11:02 PM

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I have been awaiting the delivery of a 2box Drumit 5 MkII from Andertons Music (UK) since early November 2023! Every time I complain, the retailer says that the supplier/manufacturer are having production issues and that it will come a few weeks later. I decided to go elsewhere, but have found that other retailers are having the same issue as Andertons... So my question is, does anyone know or have evidence that 2box is about to go out of business? This would be an alarming prospect for everyone in this forum, I think you would agree... Any thoughts or information they would like to share?
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Every so often a rumour of them going out of business (or being bought out) arises. I haven't heard anything personally, though it's not like I have some insider trading information.

That is a long time to wait though. Have you thought about picking up one second hand? They pop up occasionally on eBay and Facebook. Or was it you really wanted a new one and thus the warrantee?
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