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Pintech Hihat Controller LTE Cymbals

Started by 2BX808, March 16, 2024, 02:09:21 PM

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Hello everyone, I tried searching the forums for this question but nothing much came up.  I'm just wondering has anyone tried the Pintech LTE cymbals with the Drumit3? Dual zone crash, 3 zone ride, and I think dual zone hats. Especially would appreciate info on the hi hat controller.  It is the type with a thin cable out of the bottom that connects to your hi hat foot pedal with a spring, and I assume contains some sort of spring loaded pot. There was no documentation with the cymbals other than how to physically connect the controller to the stand.  Anyway, if anyone has set these cymbals up could you please let me know the basic parameters as I'm sure it will save me hours of time.  Thanks for reading guys!


I have a pair of Vistalite hihats and that very controller. I bought them off eBay a few years ago, gigged with it for a long time. I don't recall any issues, in fact it was an excellent set up. And I was using a drumit3 at the time.

I no longer have a drumit3 and I stopped using the controller as the little cable broke. It's easily repaired as its only fishing wire, I just haven't got around to doing it.

I also have been using a FD6 with the Vistalite (with an edrumin10 and Pearl Mimic Pro) and that's a great hihat set up.

I cannot say what the LTE cymbals are like, but they look virtually the same as the Jokeky/AE Hybrid Low Valume. I do have some Low Volume cymbals but with Drone Halo triggers, but I stopped using them in favour of a VH11. The edge/bow accuracy is just way better.

Hope this helps!
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