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Ddrum4ui: Edit the ddrum 4 sound files !

Started by Valdu, January 27, 2024, 10:11:29 AM

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Ddrum4 users, I am proud to announce the birth of ddrum4ui!

The idea for this interface came to me after reading Ken Wright's enormous work over the past few years on ddrum4edit (see here), and its realization was made possible thanks to my friend Geoff Levner, a genius developer who discovered the world of electronic drums with this project, and who worked hard this last month outside of his office hours.
A huge thank you to both of them for their involvement and collaboration on this project.

What is ddrum4ui ?

Ddrum4ui is a sound management interface for the Clavia ddrum4 module, based on Ken Wright's ddrum4edit command line utility. It allows the management and modification of original sounds from Clavia sound banks, as well as the creation of new sounds from your own samples.
The interface is nice and clean, intuitive and simple to use.

What can you do with ddrum4ui?

OPEN factory sound files provided by Clavia.

CREATE your own sound files from scratch by importing audio samples.

DISPLAY the layers and the samples defined by the sound.

LISTEN TO layers and samples separately in real time.

MANAGE layer and sample settings: Add/remove, adjust pitch, volume and decay, define position and velocity parameters.

COPY layers and samples from one sound file to another, by simple drag and drop.

MANAGE variations and sequences.

LISTEN TO modified sounds at any time using the pad simulator.

How do I get ddrum4ui ?

The software is FREE and is available on MacOS (10.13 or later), and Windows (10 and 11).

Download links and readme in the dedicated forum:


Alain Duval AKA Valdu
for the ddrum4ui team



Je peux aussi répondre en Français à toutes les questions relatives à ddrum4ui, et son utilisation avec le module ddrum 4.


Amazing work. I just yesterday was chatting to a guy on a Facebook group (possibly 65drums page) and he'd just come into possession of a Ddrum4 and was asking about cymbal sounds. It appears they were wiped from the module from previous owner. Anyway, I directed him here. It great to see there's life in that old dog yet, I had one for many years and it served me very well. It even appeared on a couple of international albums which I sessioned on in the 2000's, though wasn't given credit.
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Thank you for your support, I confirm that the Ddrum4 brain is still alive ! :)


New update of ddrum4ui available, using the last release of ddrum4dit.


Quote from: Valdu on March 10, 2024, 11:21:37 PMNew update of ddrum4ui available, using the last release of ddrum4dit.
A small bug was detected in version 1.2 (sample levels in layers), so I encourage you to use version 1.1.3 while waiting for corrections.
This previous version has exactly the same functionalities and is still available on the download page.


Look for new releases and related information here



It would be amazing to see videos of this in action. I know someone with a Ddrum4 SE who's not even using it. I think he'd even offload it for little money just to to get shot of it as it's gathering dust. I could persuade him to its use from this app you've made or even pick it up for myself as a spare module for live use or something.
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I don't know if I could find the time to record a video of how ddrum4ui works, there are many possible uses. The operation of the software is intuitive, and can be tested without necessarily having a ddrum 4 module, thanks to the virtual pad which quite closely simulates the behavior of the created sound when played with a ddrum4 kit.
The only important point to understand before transferring to the module is the concept of Sound_ID, used by Clavia to assign sounds to the module's memory locations.
But I can post a fairly detailed user guide online, as soon as I've finished writing it, and some examples of custom sounds, notably to show the use of variations and position/velocity parameters.


Hi and thanks for the reply!

So it kinda works like Drumit app? I should just download it and give it a try (I will anyway at some point)

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I don't own any 2Box, so I may be wrong, but I think It's not quite comparable to drumIt.
Ddrum4ui does not manage (yet?) the organization of kits like drumIt does. Ddrum4ui only manages the creation and customization of sounds for the ddrum4 module, but in a much deeper way than drumIt does, especially in the multi-layer management thanks to the specific velocity and positioning parameters as well as the smart use of variations.
I've already created and tested in my ddrum4 hundreds of new sounds, most of them by mixing sounds from the Clavia soundbanks. I can confirm it's a very powerful tool for the Ddrum4 owners.
I've just uploaded a manual (english and french) to explain the features and the use of ddrum4ui.
The best is to download and play with it, you can use the pad simulator to hear your creations if you don't own a ddrum4 yet. The whole collection of Clavia sounds is available in the download page.
Last difference with DrumIt, ddrum4ui is available on Windows and MacOS, and is totally free...  ;)


Great stuff, You are doing gods work sir! (if you don't mine me saying)

Just like guys like Lustark and Anders (Zourman drums) making amazing solutions for ddrum/2box users.

Have a great day!
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