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Yamaha or Roland wiring for 3 zone DIY cymbals

Started by poit57, November 16, 2023, 04:04:09 PM

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I am looking to try PFozz's tutorial for converting some low volume acoustic cymbals to a 2-zone crashes and a 3-zone ride. I'm also intending to use the Keith Raper Circuit to convert bell and edge piezos to switches.

In my research, this is the most detailed and straight-forward tutorial I can find for muting the cymbals, wiring up the piezo sensors, and mounting it all on the cymbal. My concern is that this tutorial is almost 16 years old at this point with the original discussion found in the Toontrack forums.

I have 3 primary questions:

  • Have any DIYers on this board tried PFozz's A2E cymbal conversion method?
  • Are there other, more modern, tutorials that would offer better results than this method?
  • If wired correctly, would either the Yamaha or Roland wiring offer improved triggering over the other option through a DrumIt Three module?  (single TRS with a resistor on one of the switches versus separate bow/edge and bow/bell TRS outputs?

Obviously, the Yamaha would be simpler to implement with only one output jack, but from what I've researched so far, it seems that the Roland style is more widely accepted by third-party modules like 2box.