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Started by Hellfire, August 05, 2009, 02:03:20 PM

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After doing an interview with Tom Knipe (founder of and seeing brainstuff start his own 2box forum (Goes by UC here), I was inspired to do something similar. I currently use an Alesis Trigger I/O and SR-18 together for a drum module and with the talk of the new DM10 Pro Kit, I thought, why not have an Alesis drummer forum. I found a couple Alesis general forum sites but none that is just for their drum products (new and old). So if you get a chance, check it out (and become a member if you want to):

FYI, it is very new. Just went live last night!


Hey, less of the spam  >:(

Only kidding :D

The forum looks really nice. Late-night nice.


It's black and more narrow and centered. Easier reading
On this forum I need to scroll my eyes from the left to the right over the wide screen
For an middle aged man, that's too much ...


we have a few Shops called Apollo and Fielmann, they will help you for Money to read your screen better with an new thing called GLASSES!!!
I ve tried them since 1984 and it works *lol*
(sorry, just kidding) ;D


Hahaha, yeah or you could get your grand-children to read it out for you ;)

I too am just kidding :)

I'll have a play with the CSS stylesheet sometime and see if I can get the format a bit narrower.


Quote from: puttenvr on August 05, 2009, 03:04:03 PM
It's black and more narrow and centered. Easier reading
Thanks, I actually tweaked the standard template a little. I most likely with tweak it some more. Did you sign up to be a member? I really liked how UC kept the logo simple for this forum. That is why I kept my simple as well. Of course mine is a tad simpler. :)

This forum site was definitely a major influence on You guys have a good community here. I will definitely be singing the praises of the (unofficial) 2box drumit5 forum over at (and chiming in from time to time ;D)