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Acoustic versus piezo - trigger type questions

Started by poit57, November 01, 2023, 06:08:15 PM

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My church recently purchased new triggers and mesh heads for Acoustic hybrid kit. In the process, we also replaced a 12 year old Drumit 5 with a Drumit 3 for the universal trigger compatibility.

The triggers are all from Magnatrack. I've gotten then to work, but still have some confusion about the trigger settings.

The drum triggers are piezo and install internally on the inside lug mounting screws.  I thought the would be considered Acoustic triggers, but with any of the AcTr settings, I can't lower the threshold enough to get consistent triggering, even with hard hits.  It seems that the PadPP setting gives the best results, but I don't understand what differentiates a piezo trigger from an acoustic trigger. From what I've read, acoustic triggers normally use piezos.

The rim trigger is another piezo that is placed against the rim and held in place with a magnet. It worked fine with the Drumit 5, but on the Drumit 3, it randomly triggers rapid fire rim sounds until the trigger is disconnected from the ring of the TRS splitter cable.  If connected to the tip, it triggers the head hits as expected. I'm hoping it is an issue with the trigger setting for the rim, but I'm not sure what to change.

The cymbals are also using piezo triggers. The crashes are set to CyPS and have a trigger and a choke switch that are working as expected.

The hi-hat and ride have a bell and bow trigger in a 2-zone configuration. I don't think we need the bell, which is good because I've only been able to get the bow to trigger no matter which trigger type I choose in the settings.

All 2-zone connections are running into a TRS splitter box where the primary trigger is connected to the tip and the secondary trigger/switch is connected to the ring.


on toms and snare, try PadPP,turn down the gain not the threshold, see manual page 46, hope that helps
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I understand the gain is to be set so that hard hit resister at (or near) 0 dB.  I that has been fairly simple to dial in. Threshold controls how sensitive the trigger is to the lightest hits. For some trigger type options, I can't get the threshold low enough to register light hits.

My confusion is regarding the trigger type explanations in the manual.  The only types that match my piezo/piezo configuration are PadPP, AcTR 1-3, and RubH 1-3.  From my trial and error, the PadPP option appears to work the best.  The RubH appears to be more sensitive - needing a high threshold (clockwise) and low gain. PadPP type can be dialed in more in the middle, and acoustic triggers need high gain and low threshold (counter-clockwise).

Do the trigger types mainly just adjust the sensitivity, or is something else changing when a different trigger type is selected?

For the Cymbals compatibility, the manual doesn't show any options for piezo/piezo configuration.  I read somewhere earlier that Zourman may have some type of piezo to switch conversion, but I couldn't find that on their website. I did find a DrumIt Three knowledge page, so I will see if those videos and guides are more helpful than the official user manual.