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Roland BT-1 with 2Box

Started by edcito, August 14, 2023, 12:06:17 PM

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I bought a BT-1 and used it as a sidestick on my converted snare, I connected it to the tom 4 input and set it up as PS pad but got false triggers when hitting the rim and then the strangest thing: when I record it to login the sidestick wasn't recorded! the midi note wasn't sent either! So it seems to be true that the 2box doesn't send a sidestick note when using a pad type other than PSS.

Next I split it with the tom 2 and left the pad type as rim, now I don't get false triggers when hitting the rim and the side stick note is sent as tom 2 rim with the side stick note assigned to it. So that's the solution, use it only splitted with a tom and you will get great results and will record everything ok.


I did more tests using a midi monitor app, unfortunately the bt-1 is triggered when hitting the rim closer to it, left side hits are no problem but right hand hits are triggering the bt-1, I've tried all xtalx and threshold settings and no matter what I get false triggers, so no go with the 2box.


Bt1 is a piezo/switch device (I am sure you know that) and as such will work best in a cymbal socket. It need the switch activated to trigger. I used two mounted to the snare drum a few years ago while on a rock tour and I had to put them in cymbal sockets to avoid the snare triggering them. I was using acoustic cymbals so I had them spare.
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Yeah, I tried all the pad types available on a tom input and the PS type was the most responsive but I couldn't get rid completely of the false triggering. Using a cymbal input is not an option right now since I have 2 3-zone crashes. Another option could be a used td-11 and plug the bt-1 directly to it and send the audio to the 2box since the midi note for the x-stick (37) isn't, after all these years, being recognized by 2box...