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EFnote and 2box, how does it sound?

Started by edcito, June 30, 2023, 02:28:52 PM

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I have an efnote 7 set, I also have a 2box drumit 3 module, I tried triggering the 2box via midi only from the efnote, here are my findings:
* The cymbals won't choke, not even with the latest 2box 1.40 unofficial os. The cymbal notes cannot be modified individually in the 2box, the efnote sends aftertouch to choke the cymbals but it's not what the note the 2box expects, it seems it sends aftertouch but it doesn't receive it.
* the hihat sucks (no surprise there), you have to change all the notes to the bow note, it triggers CC4 but the pedal note always trigger a splash.
* the kick, snare and toms trigger fine, you have to increase the sensitivity on the efnote though. By default the hardest hit is around 80.
*At the end what I did is connect the snare kick and toms directly to the 2box and the cymbals to the efnote, then I send the audio from the efnote to the 2box.

Another fun experiment.


I just found an edrumin, will do more testing to see what it can do between the efnote and 2box modules via midi


For sure the edrumin will be more useful as a trigger device. No slight on the 2box triggering or efnote (can't say about efnote myself as I haven't played one, but its got a great reputation!) It's just I find the edrumin UI and triggering excellent.
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So I tried the edrumin with the 2box and efnote pads, all cymbals and pads reacted well as side sensor pad type, the cymbals supported bell sense with one cable but not that reliably, I could get SD3 positional sensing on the 14" snare but only center and off center hits. I was not able to get the hihat working via midi in, every pedal note triggered a splash as well, no way to separate those.